Life Education WA relies heavily on our partners like the Rotary Club of West Perth to ensure our young people in Primary Schools get the best opportunity to build their resilience and knowledge so they can deal with unsafe situations both on and off line. Relate Respect Connect is an anti-bullying program teaching children how to develop healthy relationships with their peers.

What's it about?
Rotary’s support ensures children in Low Socioeconomic Schools can receive the range of Life Education’s program from Kindergarten to Year 6 which covers areas of Health Living, understanding the issues around Cybersafety, Smoking, Illegal/Legal Drugs, and Alcohol.
Students in Our Mobile Learning Centre
The Federal Government is urging schools to take action against bullying. Life Education's new stage 3 program Relate Respect Connect promotes building safe and respectful relationships face to face and online by:
  • Understanding how to respect ourselves and others
  • Identifying characteristics of positive relationships and the importance of relationships to our own and others wellbeing
  • Developing strategies to help maintain positive online and offline relationships
  • Practising strategies to respond to unsafe or disrespectful situations online and offline
Why is this program so important?
Relate Respect Connect addresses the awareness, knowledge, skills and attitudes that your children need to develop and maintain respectful relationships such as effective communication, development of empathy, prosocial values and emotional learning. These skills help develop self-respect.

"We believe all students have the right to be safe at school.
Bullying and violence have no place in Australia."

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, March 1, 2018