Treemission : addressing climate change
West Perth Rotary joined the Rotary E-Club of Western Australia (E-WA) for a tree planting event at Adenia Park, Riverton on Saturday 25 July 2020.   Approximately 2,000 trees were planted by  20 community members and Rotarians.  It was also a great opportunity to meet other Rotarians over morning tea and a BBQ lunch.
Thank you Tina and Colin Arthur for organising the event with Alan Briggs, founder of treemission and member of the E-WA.  Thanks to everyone including our West Perth members Elizabeth Gorey, Tim Dawe and David Arrowsmith for their excellent tree planting efforts on the day!

The treemission © project started as a collaboration between Rotary and the National Trust of Australia (WA) and Carbon Neutral in 2008. The concept is to encourage people to make a commitment to address climate change and plant trees to offset their contribution to green house gases and global warming. treemission has goals of informing Rotarians, school children and community members about what is happening to our environment, what can be done to address those impacts and taking action by tree planting to ameliorate those impacts.

Through treemission, emissions accrued in everyday activities can be turned into trees and shrubs. This will not only help lower carbon levels in our atmosphere but also conserve endangered plants, animals and rehabilitate degraded land.

The treemission initiative has established a tax deductible conservation appeal with the National Trust for donations to offset carbon emissions from meetings and daily activities by Rotarians. These donations will enable an area of land to be planted and rehabilitated.
An exciting part of the project is that where possible locally endemic species will be used, and tree and under-storey species will be chosen for reasons of biodiversity. Even more exciting is that collaboration has extended to include urban and rural communities in tree planting activities.