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Our weekly connection through Zoom 

It's been just wonderful seeing everyone's faces after a few weeks of no Rotary breakfast meetings. This morning it was wonderful to see and hear from Steve Wilton who is tucked away in the beautiful south west at Peppy Grove beach... looked truly idyllic. 
Great to know that the technology is not holding back many of our more elderly members from checking in. This morning we were lucky enough to get a virtual tour around Byron's house and a super update from Garry Leighton about their recent 6.5 week cruise around the Indian Ocean. So wonderful to hear. 
And we even had a grand speaker presentation today from our very own Nathan Blockley with an overview of his current Honors project through UWA investigating the YAP and Paraspeckle Expression of Eccentrically damaged diaphragm muscle in the mdx mouse model. Thanks for a super informative talk Nathan, and great to see just another one of our Rotary members linked in some way looking for opportunities to helping progress treatments towards Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  
May we all be reminder that its not Happy New year... and a few wished us at the close of the meeting... and we hope next week the Sargent can sign in so he can be sure to hand out a few fines where they are due. 
Stay safe, and keep those 2m distancing rules as reiterated by the esteemed Prof Byron Kakulas in our call this morning.  
Happy Easter to all. 
Our first get-together of 17 members who joined the new world of Zoom meetings. 
Week 2 saw an increase with now 25 of us connecting on Thursday 9th April. So great to see some faces who we don't see too regularly!

Bits and bobs about the members of the Club  -  a little blog from Nathan Blockley

Hi, I’m Nathan Blockley and I was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1997. No, that is not a typo, I am only 23 years old and still a member of West Perth Rotary. My grandfather, Peter Blockley, was the one who got me interested in rotary after the club helped me attend the national youth science forum in 2014 when I was only in high school at Hale.

I am an only child, only having my father’s side of the family in Perth – my mothers’ side are all back in Herefordshire, UK, where she was born. Growing up I always loved my sport. I started karate when I was 5 years old upon finding one of my father’s old kung-fu grading certificates from when he was only a child. I continued to compete in karate at state, national and international level. However, I have stopped competing for the time being but I’m still training and coaching. I also recently started playing footy as of last year, I’m a big blues supporter and will put the health of my future kids on Charlie Curnow winning the Coleman in his future years.

Since I left school, I have studied my Bachelor of Science at UWA completing it in 2018. I took a gap year for 2019 and worked as a removalist in order to fund expensive travelling habits. This year, 2020, I am studying my honours in muscular dystrophy again at UWA. I am measuring protein expression in damaged muscles from mdx mice which are the animal model for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I am currently deciding my plans for the future – I could see myself doing my PhD, studying medicine and also studying either of these abroad in the US.

The only point I haven’t addressed from the guide supplied to me is ‘Your family at present – children, partner (if any)’. My answer is firstly, I hope not – and secondly, no I do not have a partner thanks for rubbing it it.

Our April birthday celebrations 

Peter Coombs 2nd April 
Pat Emery 7th April 
Nathan Blockley 17th April
Arthur Blaquiere
This week is the week of the memes and so hope you all enjoy a couple of jokes in time for Easter. 
Very apt in light of our current Zooming environment. 
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