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So it turns out we have some very efficient members who waste absolutely no time and dive right into the Newsletter as soon as it arrives in their inbox!!!! 
This is fantastic news.... firstly that members are finding the newsletter worth reading... and secondly that they can get back to me with corrections ASAP!!! 
And some further good news is that on Thursday we are getting some lessons in the use of Club Runner.... I certainly need it....
This week I failed at the report generating module.  You will have noticed some odd dates for Club Anniversaries for the month of February.... well that's because some of the dates are actually wedding anniversary dates for some of our club members....
Yes Gents... for those who had forgotten... you can thank me later for the reminder! 
Corrected Club and Wedding anniversaries now listed below. 
And yes Sergeant.... I'm ready for my fine. 
February Club Anniversaries 
  • Tina Arthur 20 years - 17th February 2000
  • Neil Gray 1 year -  14th  February 2019
  • Sandy Gray 1 year - 14th February 2019

Member Wedding Anniversaries for February 

  • Byron Kalulas - 59 years - married to Valerie on the 5th February 1961
  • Geoff Simpson - 48 years - married to Margaret on the 12th February 1972
  • Ian Hutton - 49 years - married to Jan on 20th February 1971 
  • Tina Arthur 46 years - married to Colin on 23rd February 1974
  • Peter Blockley 59 years - married to Anne on the 23rd February 1961
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