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Dear Fellow Rotarians,
We are all facing unprecedented times of change at present, and it can feel overwhelming and scary. Please know that we are all in this together and we are here to stand united, albeit a little distance away from each other, during the next few weeks.
The best possible place for all of us is at home! So for the next while the Board will try to stay in more regular contact with everyone via newsletters. We are also currently investigate other online opportunities to perhaps host some online video/virtual meetings.
So here's a challenge.... if anyone has some interesting news or articles they wish to share with the Club members, please can you send them through to Hayley. We would love to share what everyone is keeping themselves busy with. 
And if anyone has any good suggestions for movies to watch please let us know so we can share that too.
We are going to be providing everyone with some useful tips tricks which we hope you will find handy over the next few weeks. 
Perfect fruit and veg
Store your fruit by lining your fridge drawers with bubble wrap; this will stop your fresh produce from bruising and at the end of the week there will be no wasted food. For the veggie drawer, crumbled newspapers will  also keep veggies crisp.
No ring around the collar
No need to use expensive stain removers try using your shampoo to remove ring around the collar. Since the ring is usually caused by oil, dirt and grime that gathers around the neck, shampoo - which is made to remove body oils - should remove it from clothing too. Just apply the shampoo, gently scrub, then stick it in the washing machine.
Bits and Bobs about the Board
Each newsletter we will be profiling members of the Board and to kick it off, we will be learning a little more about Tina Arthur. Hope you all enjoy and learn something new.
In 1972, Tina graduated with a Diploma in Architectural Drafting from Leederville Technical College. She worked in Brisbane for Conrad and Gargett Architects and for Yorke Rosenberg & Mardall in London.  In 1976 Tina attended Curtin University, graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1979 after which she worked in various practices before joining the public service in 1985. 
In 1999, Tina was elected a Fellow of the W.A. Institute of Architects.  In 2018 after 33 years with the State Government including 25 years with the Justice Department, managing the capital works program for design/construction of courthouses in Western Australia, Tina retired.
The last project she completed was in Perth CBD, which included new high rise premises for the Supreme Court (Civil), the State Administrative Tribunal and head office accommodation for the Justice Department.
In 1974 Tina married Colin Arthur (geologist) and they are happily married with a 36 year old son. In 2008 they moved into a house they designed/built in Cottesloe. 
Tina has run 3 marathons and in 2018, she won 1st place in her category at Sunshine Coast Marathon.  Jazz ballet is her new passion and she also sings with Voiceworks Vocal Ensemble.  On Fridays, she works pro bono for CARAD in Northbridge.  Tina also participates on Design Assessment Panels and advisory committees for the Town of Cottesloe and is the Coordinator for Work Women Wisdom, a forum for female architects.
Tina Arthur
Tin and Colin in the earlier days
Tina at the All Abilities Play Space Launch
During the month of March, we say a happy birthday to the following members: 
Geoff Simpson on March 01
Jill  Smith on March 03
Guy Mattioli on March 06
Byron Kakulas on March 29
Rotary International Updates: CONVENTION CANCELLED 
The Rotary International Convention, scheduled for 6-10 June 2020, in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, has been cancelled in response to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus. The decision is necessary to protect the health of everyone involved.  Learn more and read the latest information on how Rotary is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on our operations, events, and members by following the link below. 

Did you know that laughing can actually make you live longer????? 

With that in mind... here something to brighten your day.... 
Two old guys, Fred and Sam went to the movies.  A few minutes after it started, Fred heard Sam rustling around and he seemed to be searching on the floor under his seat.  “What are you doing?” asked Fred.

Sam, a little grumpy by this time, replied “I had a caramel in my mouth and it dropped out.  I can’t find it.”

Fred told him to forget it because it would be too dirty by now.  “But I’ve got to”, said Sam, “my teeth are in it!”
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