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Dear Fellow Rotarians,
Hope you are all staying safe and well. Still very keen to get your news and information to share with the rest of the Club. Please send through snippets and photos to Hayley as and when you get a chance. 
This coming Thursday we would like to trial a meeting of the Club on Zoom. This will give us the opportunity to catch up as a group and discuss the advantages of meeting this way on a weekly basis.
To do this, you will need to download Zoom on ( your computer or Zoom Cloud Meetings as an APP for your  phone – The Computer is much preferred as it is a steady platform, the screen is bigger (which you need as all participants have their own little window showing) and it is easier to find the controls. If you have any problems, Colin Arthur has volunteered to guide you through it and even have a practice meeting with you. If he gets overwhelmed I will try to help as well.

 At 7:20am just click on the link and if you have downloaded Zoom it will take you to a page where you can join the meeting.
ONE warning - only one person can talk at a time, so we need to be patient and courteous.

Will look forward to catching up on Thursday – in the mean time, please visit our Facebook page and like the great stories posted on it and more importantly, share the posts with your friends to help us spread the Rotary message.
Ways to wash vegetables properly
Use a Vinegar Solution: Vinegar is a great disinfectant and can be used safely to kill bacteria. Its cheap, easily available and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Use 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. Soak your fresh produce (vegetables, fruits, green leafy greens) for 10 minutes and then wash it with cold water.
Use Baking Soda: Baking Soda is not disinfectant but it is very effective in cleaning off pesticide. Use 14 grams baking soda per litre of water. Soak fresh produce in this solution for 5 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water.
Peel your vegetables: Peeling vegetables after rinsing them is another step that is important to do. Vegetable peel has a lot of good benefits, and one of them is literally acting as a barrier. 
Detergent: Some people recommend washing everything with detergent, and this might work. Soap is one of the most effective ways to kill bacteria. But make sure you rinse off the detergent really well before consuming any produce.
Use food grade Hydrogen peroxide: Use food grade hydrogen peroxide and mix 1 tablespoon peroxide per 3 litres water. Soak produce completely in this solution and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then rinse everything off well with cold water. Its is important to note that hydrogen peroxide in large quantities is lethal.
Bits and Bobs about the Club back in the day - by Arthur Blaquiere
This week Arthur takes us all a few steps down memory. Arthur remembers joining the Club in 1989 and he reckons it was quite different in those days. Of particular note he said there were only men at the club and everyone had to be of managerial level. Members had to strive for 100% attendance and those who achieved this would receive a prize. 
Club meetings took place at lunch on Thursdays from 12 pm at The Wembley Lodge and members had a drink at the bar and socialised while waiting for the meeting to start. Each week Club Members sang songs from the songbook with Gordon Lockart* at the song master. Importantly the Sargent wore a red sash and fines were regularly handed out. 
A couple of members who Arthur remembers fondly include Eric Silbert*, jewish by faith, schooled at CBC Fremantle, Perth City Councillor.  Eric was in Bomber Command in WWII flying mosquitoes which were the pathfinders for the following night bombers. Eric always spoke highly of the Commonwealth Flight Training Program which trained flight crew from all parts of the Commonwealth in different countries of the Commonwealth. He was a man of integrity, also spoke against extremism.
Arthur also fondly remembers Stephen DeZerka*, a man of conviction and champion of organising recognition rewards for working members of our community.
Arthur during his earlier years taken at a look-out in the hills overlooking Islmabad Pakistan 
Healthy Harold in Hibernation
The Board of Life Education WA (LEWA) announced on Wednesday 25th March 2020 that due to the Corona virus and limited financial resources and the inability to delivery programs to WA students, LEWA have made all staff redundant and sent Health Harold into hibernation.

It was a very tough and sad decision after 37 years of dedicated, enthusiastic and professional education of over 800,000 young WA children.

Our educators have been the front line staff who face a group of new children every day of their working life; educating them in the skills and resilience in staying safe in all areas of their daily lives and, being Physically and Mentally Healthy 

All is not lost for the future as LEWA (Inc) will remain a viable identity with its assets still available, to take up the reins again when the time is right through financial support that will allow the delivery.

The existing Board will remain and a volunteer Executive Officer until required to ensure Governance and proprietary of the Organisation and Brand.

The support of Rotary, especially West Perth, Scarborough and North Perth clubs has been outstanding and we hope when the opportunity comes around your support will continue.
During the month of March, we say a happy birthday to the following members: 
Geoff Simpson on March 01
Jill  Smith on March 03
Guy Mattioli on March 06
Byron Kakulas on March 29
Rotary’s Donations in Kind and the Coronavirus

Rotary Australia’s Donation in Kind (DIK) program in South Australia is working with SA Health with preparations for the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past two months, DIK has taken delivery of 140 beds from the old Calvary Wakefield and Rehabilitation Hospitals as they move to the new Calvary Adelaide Hospital. SA Health is opening parts of the Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital (now ECH College Grove facility) at Walkerville, the old Calvary Wakefield Hospital and, later the Repatriation Hospital in Edwardstown as specific facilities to handle potential mild-case coronavirus patients and to support non coronavirus sub-acute patients, what is missing in these two hospitals is beds! DIK has consequently been asked by SA Health for the Calvary beds for this, as most of the beds are still at the DIK warehouse facility at Edinburgh Parks. The setting up of these facilities in these hospitals frees up beds in other State hospitals, with serious cases still to be handled by the major State hospitals.
So far, 108 beds and mattresses have been moved to the old Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital. In addition to the beds, SA Health are also looking at a range of other equipment for the pandemic contingency that DIK can supply to be transported immediately. These include ventilators, monitors, drip stands, bedside cabinets, trolleys and over-way tables. 
DIK gets a lot of donated goods, mainly medical and schooling, the bulk of which is destined for needy communities throughout the world. The program likes to be able to assist those in need locally, so it is especially pleasing for this Rotary program to be able to provide a substantial contribution to the local community in this time of unprecedented community health need. 
Biomedical equipment at Donations in Kind warrhouse earmarked for coronavirus facilities. 
Loading Calvary Hospital bed at DIK warehouse, destined for isolation hospitals. 
An elderly couple was driving across the country. While the woman was behind the wheel, the couple was pulled over by the highway patrol.
“Ma’am, did you know you were speeding?” the officer said.
The woman, hard of hearing, turned to her husband and asked, “What did he
“He said you were speeding!” the old man yelled.
The patrolman then asked, “May I see your license?”
The woman turned to her husband again, “What did he say?”
The old man yelled back, “He wants to see your license!”
The woman then gave the officer her license.
“I see you are from Arkansas,” the patrolman said. “I spent some time there once and went on a blind date with the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen.”
The woman turned to her husband again and asked, “What did he say?”
The old man replied, “He said he knows you!”
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