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Tuesday 3rd March - World Wildlife Day 
The United Nations World Wildlife Day is a global celebration of the beautiful and richly diverse forms of wild animals and plants on our planet. It is also an occasion to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits they provide to people and to drive discussions and work towards transformative change on the urgent threats facing them.
A thriving and diverse wildlife is one of humanity’s most precious gifts. Making sure we can pass this gift on to future generations must be a priority for people everywhere. 
In Australia 5 animals are at risk of extinction: The Black-flanked Rock-wallaby, the Eastern Curlew, the Gouldian Finch, the Northern Quoll and Black-footed Tree-rat.
By caring for our fauna and flora and choosing to consume in a responsible, sustainable way, we can all help build a world that can sustain all life on earth.
Wishing the following members a very happy March birthday
Geoff Simpson 1st March 
Jill Smith 3rd March
Guy Mattioli 6th March
Byron Kakulas 29th March 
Arthur Blaquiere - Breakfast meeting Thursday 20th February 
We all enjoyed a wonderful presentation on the life of fellow Rotarian Arthur Blaquiere. Arthur spoke eloquently about his early life and his travels around the world. To say he has lead an interesting life is an understatement. We all sat enthralled and captivated by his talk.
Perth is now definitely his home and Portugal is one of his favourite places to visit.It was also wonderful to have Ric present as our guest of honour and we wish her a speedy recovery following a recent operation on her hand. 
Breakfast Update from Leon Flicker, Professor of Geriatric Medicine
Prof Flicker gave an insightful presentation all about ageing and presented some very interesting statistics about the leading causes of death in Australia with heart disease currently the leader, however it is expected that as early as 2021, it will be dementia that will outnumber heart disease. 
Paramount to ageing well is maintaining your functional ability. While there are genetic factors that may play role, our environment and the care we take of our bodies does play a huge part in our ability to live a long and healthy life. 
While there is unprecedented world wide ageing at present, how society reacts and responds to this remains uncertain. It can however be concluded that a combination of lifetime health promoting activities and targeted services for older people will increase the ability of older Australians to age healthily.
Breakfast presenter Thursday 5th March, John Karasinski on the Economic Value of Australian Managed and Wild Honey Bee Pollinators
John is a lecturer in Natural Resources Economics, at Curtin University teaching natural resources economics in the Master of Science (Mining and Mineral Economics) course. 
John will cover one of the modules in the course, the Economics of Honeybees, which applies economic theory to understanding the economic impact of this renewable resource.  
He will also talk about how the Australian beekeeping Industry albeit relatively small, has a big impact. 
Club Duty Roster for the next two weeks 
Please see below the duties list for the next two weeks meetings 
Thursday 5th March 2020:

Host:        Neville Wacker-Bent
Welcome: Mally Rall
Toast:       Neil Gray
Thanks:    Geoff Woods 
Duty:       Colin Arthur 
Thursday 12th March 2020: CLUB DAY

Welcome: Neil Gray
Toast:      Geoff Woods 
Duty:       NIgel Blacklock 
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