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Breakfast Meeting update - Thursday 28 November - Bruce Dufty 

A couple of weeks ago we were honoured to receive an insightful presentation well known Rotarian Bruce Dufty. Bruce provided an overview of the Aboriginal Reference Group Projects for Rotary District 9455. 
The ARG was invited by a Past DG to undertake a significant project to celebrate Rotary’s Centenary in 2020 and they selected Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) as a key project. FASD is a hidden disability and is believed to be devastating many Aboriginal communities across Australia. It is a lifelong condition caused by consumption of alcohol whilst pregnant which results in the infant having permanent brain damage. This often happens even before the mother knows she is pregnant. 
The project has been supported to the tune of $525,000 by a Rotary International Global grant and funds raised by 5 local Rotary Club - Osborne Park, Kalamunda, Western Endevour, Boulder and Thimphu. The focus of this program is building capacity in local organisations so that communities can own and continue to lead FASD prevention activity after the research is finished. The program aims to support communities to use consistent information and messages about drinking in pregnancy and FASD utilising existing national and regional FASD prevention resources.
Bruce heads up the reference group as chair and was WA's chief psychologist from 1982 through to 1989. He headed to Leonora at the start of this year and set up a diagnostic clinic in April. 
Over the next two years the project will work with paediatrics and the local community to prevent, diagnose and support FASD children and their families. A big thanks to Bruce for taking the time to inform us all of this essential program and we look forward to hearing more in the future as it progresses. 
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President Elect Stephen Lee, Bruce Dufty and Neville Clare 

The Plei Klau Village Water Well Project Update 

The aim of this project was to construct a well (including a 2000 litre water storage tank with reverse osmosis filter system) in the village of Plei Klau in Central Highlands Vietnam.
Prior to this opportunity, villagers walked several kilometres to fetch water. Attempts to hand dig wells over the years have failed.  In the past when water was found, the wells usually ran dry in the dry season.  Shallow water is polluted and seems to cause stomach and other health complaints, particularly among children and the elderly.  It was estimated that to reach good and sustainable water, drilling should go through about 56 meters of soil then 44 meters of rock.  The aim was to provide clean water, minimising the risk of sickness.  
The Club is excited to note that the well is now complete.  The drillers went down 110 meters with about 50% being rock and there is now a good flow of water.  The filter system has been installed and is housed in a secure hut.  The storage tank is also complete.  Located in the heart of the village, the well provides clean, filtered drinking water for about 2000 villagers - no longer requiring them to walk several kilometres to collect water from questionable sources. 
It is believed this water will improve the health of villagers.  It is a great outcome with contributions provided by our Club and the Sunrise Rotary Club, Townsville and the Ross River Rotary Club of Townsville, and several individual donors. 
Derek Smith is travelling to Vietnam and Plei Klau Village in January to be present at an ‘official’ opening of the well.  A plaque will be mounted on the filter house acknowledging the donors later in January. 
Water tank after installation 
Mr Hau showing the water flow 
The Filtration house 
Thanks for Volunteering! 
International Day of the Volunteer was celebrated last Thursday, 5th December. An annual international holiday to celebrate the awesome efforts of the global volunteer community. 
International Volunteer Day (IVD) 2019 celebrated  “Volunteer for an inclusive future”. This year the day highlighted volunteers contributing to inclusion, and Sustainable Development Goal 10 of the UN to reduce inequality within and among countries.
A big thanks to Geoff & Janine Woods and Elizabeth Gorey for volunteering their time on the weekend at the Scarborough Carols event. 

The Magic Show - a great success for 2019 

A big thanks to all those who came down to volunteer and support the Magic Show this year which took place on Monday 2nd December at the Perth Entertainment Centre. It was great to hear from Geoff Woods this morning that numbers were up and we look forward to being in a position to distribute those funds to worthy charitable causes in 2020 and beyond. 
Our long standing Magic Show facilitators Tony Delich and Geoff Woods strutting their stuff at our biggest annual fundraiser - The Magic Show. 
Geoff Simpson caught in the action with the magician and his cabaret dancers 
Eager kids await the doors to open to enter the Magic Show for 2019

2019 Annual General Meeting 

The Club hosted the AGM for both the West Perth Rotary Trust and the Club this morning. Geoff Hick provided an overview of the audited financial report for the Trust, indicating a surplus of $89,111 and net equity for the trust of $714,782. Geoff Hick and Geoff Woods were once again appointed as the President and the Treasurer respectively.
Geoff Woods provided an overview of the Club's financial position for 2018/2019, noting a surplus of $5,447 and members funds of $85,506.
It was noted that SwapMeet generated $9159 and the Magic Show income was $272,352. A total of $50,625 was donated to various charitable causes during the year. 
Office Bearers for 20/21 include:
Stephen Lee - President
Hayley Lethlean - President Elect
David Arrowsmith - Secretary
Dennis Hartley  - Treasurer
A wrap for the Entertainment Book 
A massive big thanks to Dennis Hartley who once again organised the Entertainment Book sales for 2019. In total we sold 82 books and generated a profit of $1078 for the Club. 
SwapMeet Dates and Roster:
SwapMeet will be open on 22 December 2019 but closed on 29 December and 5 January and re-opening on Sunday 12 January 2020. SwapMeet will also be closed on Australia Day 26 January 2020.
 Happiest of birthdays to those members celebrating their birthday in December! 
  • Nigel Blacklock 11th December
  • Neil Gray 3rd December
  • Geoff Hick 29th December 

Thursday 19th December - Christmas meeting 

Make sure you bring along your Christmas cheer to our annual Christmas breakfast next week. Please also be sure to bring your Christmas gifts for the Patricia Giles Centre (Women's Refuge). 
Please don't wrap your gifts and options for consideration include:
  • Women’s and Children’s underwear
  • Make up
  • Nail polish 
  • Perfume
  • Heat Packs
  • Hand creams
  • Chocolates Children’s and Grown ups
  • Christmas Food
  • Children’s toys all ages
  • Games & Books 
Weekly duties roster
See below duties list for the next two weeks meetings.
Thursday 19th December 2019  
Host: Stephen Lee 
Welcome: John Holman
Toast: Hayley Lethlean 
Duty: Tony Pepper
Thursday 9th January 2020
Host: Stephen Lee
Welcome: Hayley Lethlean 
Toast: Guy Mattioli 
Thanks: Tony Pepper
Duty: Jill Smith   
Reminder, if you can't do your roster duty, please find someone to replace you. 
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