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A message from President Stephen Lee

Whilst I am sure many of you may think otherwise, (my wife in particular), I’m pretty committed to a simple life.  I set my plan and step out into the world each day moving towards what I believe to be my chosen path.  The funny thing is life seems to have other ideas, throwing up all sorts of alternatives and learning experiences I may otherwise choose not to endure.
As I reflect on this process however, almost without exception, every turn, every challenge, every experience, good or bad has offered the chance for a new and enhanced perspective.  The problem to which most of us can attest is the greatest lessons come with the greatest pain.  Not that I am advocating masochism around personal growth, but it has to be said, challenges make for worthwhile outcomes and take us to a better place.
This past week we lost a great friend and mentor in Vic Hall.  A Rotarian for more than 60 years of his 98 here with us.  In reading through the wonderful article penned by Peter Blockley I was reminded of a person who for all intents and purposes set out to live a simple life, yet throughout he was presented with great challenges and at every stage stepped through to be the person, who at the ultimate time of his demise, was able to pass peacefully with his family around him.  Ultimately there is no need for fanfare as Vic lived his life to the best of his ability and we left behind, are richer for his contributions.
So what is your point, I hear you ask?  It really just comes down to the fact that each of us face many different challenges in everything we do, these make us richer in experience and when we come together in collaboration, many people, striving to lead simple lives, the world really becomes our oyster!
Yours in Rotary service,
A report about Vic prepared by Peter Blockley in the July bulletin can be found by clicking the image above.  
President of West Perth Stephen Lee, President of Nedlands Melissa Roosendaal and past President Byron Williamson from Western Endeavour 
Breakfast meeting 19 August 2020  - Joint Club Meeting for Nedlands, Western Endeavour and West Perth 
Attendees present: 52 Rotarians in attendance for joint meeting of three Clubs 
Zoom Attendees: 2 -  None in attendance 
Guests: Jacqui Claire, AG Jeremy Wood and Solomon Mbunsa 
Apologies: Tony Pepper and Sandy Gray
Club Announcements: 
  • Nathan Blockley reported on a fund raiser that raised about $5,700 for Australian Rotary Health. Nathan and a few mates ran a marathon.
  • Nigel Blacklock reported on the school garden project including a competition to paint an old sea container.
Our three Sergeants for the morning Renato, John and Rohan 
Stephen Lee introduced the joint session by suggesting the meeting like to sing a song from the song book that he held up. If people did not wish to sing a song they may wish to buy the song book off the fines masters. Fines from all sessions are to be aggregated and shared between the three clubs.
  • WP – John. Fined arrivals i.e. all those who weren’t here last week.
  • Neds – Renato. Fined Eagles supporters, Dockers supporters, owners of Apple products.
  • WP – John. Fined all those with own teeth because it is World Mosquito Day and mosquitos bite.
  • Neds – Renato. Fined all those with Queensland affiliations because they are claiming the AFL Grand Final and because it is the home of Clive Palmer.
  • WE – Rohan. Fined all Paul Harris Fellows.
  • WP – John. Fined all those over 65 years because it was Senior Citizens Day last week.
  • WE – Rohan. Fined Judy Dinnison (birthday on the day) and all those who celebrated birthdays in the last week.
  • Dennis Hartley subsequently reported fines totalled $128 to be shared between clubs.
As part of our joint breakfast meeting, all Clubs provided an overview of activities happening in their club. Find a summary below.  
Hayley for West Perth
  • New Board structure comprising 5 RI mandated positions + Projects; i.e. Community Well Being and Community Engagement.
  • Developing Swap Meet ongoing as major fundraiser for future
  • Still involved with Magic Show although that is in doubt this year.
  • An aim is to have all members to be engaged in at least 5 projects per year.
  • Membership drive to get 20 new members.
  • Fundraising target is to raise $30,000
  • Seeking to keep members engaged via weekly bulletin 
  • Looking to make improvements to other communication methods - social media and website 
Melissa for Nedlands
  • Membership challenges
  • Develop technology – i.e. Zoom
  • Reviewing venue – cost due to reducing attendance
  • Fund raising initiatives
  • International – listening challenges (did I hear this right?)
  • Youth Development Projects
  • 4 Way Test
  • Standardising website
  • Acquired an EFTPOS machine
  • Developing Facebook
  • Member survey completed to define future goals
Byron for Western Endeavour
  • School link to Balga. Seeking to establish a link with Bob Hawke School also.
  • Involved in Earlyact
  • Disease prevention and improving health outcome projects – hand sanitiser fund raiser current.
  • Support the Foetal Alcohol Syndrome program led by Bruce Dufty.
  • Support education through the Masai Fund (?)
  • WE is a member of the Leederville Sporting Club – part of community support.
  • Membership steady at 20 – looking at ways to improve things to attract more members. 
Great news from Africa... wild polio eradicated! 
BBC News reported this week the great news that Africa it is now declared free from wild polio. One decade ago Nigeria accounted for more than half the global cases of polio, and they are finally rid of the disease.
There has been a significant and proactive vaccination campaign underway for the past 10 years, particularly in the very regional and remote areas on Nigeria. It is believed that more than 95% of Africa's population is now immunised against this dreadful disease. 
Please support our Club in purchasing the Entertainment Book. A longstanding fundraiser of the Club, we really want to try beat last years tally of books sold. 
The Entertainment Book is packed with thousands of incredible savings on dining, activities, travel and shopping.
Just click on the image above and it will take you directly to our Club link for purchase.
Every book sold, our Club receives $24, so buy away!!!!! 
An awesome fundraiser for us to reach that $30,000 target. 
Breakfast Meeting Thursday 27th  August 2020 - guest speaker Suzzanne Laidlaw
We are super excited this week to be joined by Suzzanne Laidlaw. Suzzanne is an internationally accredited business coach, global leader in business planning and author of the new book, “What’s Your Plan?”.
Passionate about supporting others to achieve their dreams, Suzzanne knows what it takes to overcome adversity and function at the top level to achieve extraordinary results. For more information visit   
Please do not forget to pre-pay $22 for breakfast or $6 for a ZOOM  Meeting to our Club Account:
BSB 036011
Account 427207   - please put surname in Description Box
Duties Roster 
Duties for the following two breakfast meetings: 
Thursday 27th August
Host:            Bernie Foley
Welcome:      Byron Kakulas
Toast:           Elizabeth Gorey
Thanks:         Tony Delich
Newsletter:    Ian Hutton 
Duty:            Neville Clare 
Thursday 3rd September
Host:             Tony Delich
Welcome:       Elizabeth Gorey
Toast:            Sandy Gray
Thanks:         Ian Hutton
Newsletter:    Geoff Woods 
Duty:            Patric Emery 
The SwapMeet signs.... where do they go? PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS
There are 7 pointer signs and at least 6 must go out.   2 go all the way down to Princess Rd which may be better to do in your car if you are not inclined to walk. Please second crew pick them all up 
The plan is displayed on the gate in which the signs are housed in the shopping centre car park. Buyers need to be directed or prompted from all adjoining streets, so please place these out irrespective of weather conditions.
Also the closing team must pick up all signs.
Thank You

Men's Shed WA Newsletter 

A project we have been proud to support and given we are all visiting the Men's Shed in Claremont during  one of our November breakfast meetings,  just to keep you informed as to whats happening with the Men's Sheds around WA, here is their August newsletter. 
Click the link below to register for the Zone 8 Virtual Conference which is taking place on the 19th and 20th September from 11:30am to 1pm daily. 
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