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Weekly message from President Stephen Lee 
It is fair to say we all generally act with the best of intentions, but if outcomes and change were driven by good intentions, we would all be sitting in our favourite chair dreaming up a great family life, a full bank account, an end to poverty and suffering.....  Sure intentions are the start, but there is clearly a lot more that surrounds getting to a successful outcome than simply intending for it to be.
So it is the hard work surrounding the intentions that is the ultimate determinant in whether or not we achieve what we set out to achieve.  This work involves defining, understanding, connecting, respecting, acting, each critical to delivering something of value – the outcome!
Each of us has joined West Perth with good intentions.  We have been drawn to the opportunity to contribute in a way beyond simply ourselves.  Delivering on this vision, requires our action.  After considerable planning and efforts from the club board, our club programme is starting to take shape. The coming months invite our engagement and participation as we seek to move beyond intent to action.  
The starting point is completing Mally’s survey included again in this weeks bulletin. I appreciate your positive efforts and look forward to all we can achieve in delivering to those intents we each brought with us when we made the decision to join The Rotary Club of West Perth.
Yours in Rotary Service,
President 2020-21

Breakfast meeting 10th September 2020 - Update

Attendees present: 27 attendees 
Zoom Attendees: John van Vliet 
Guests: John Travlos & family, Bill Louw, Solomon Mbusa, Ian and Sue Passmore
Apologies: Angus Buchanan, Bernie Foley, Garry Leighton, Jill Smith, Tony Pepper, Steve Wilton, Ralph Martin 
  • Tony Delich discussed SwapMeet and once again encouraged everyone to 
  • Tony also gave us an update on the current Magic Show position and noted that it was expected to achieve about 70% of previous years averages given the challenges of COVID-19.
  • Tony noted that the Magic Show marketing letter had been given a re-fresh and for anyone interested, a copy of this can be found here 
  • Mally Rall reminded everyone to please complete the survey as included in the bulletin. 
  • Peter Blockley noted that the Science School event will now be held in Perth and as such may be half the costs anticipated. 
  • Stephen Lee for not hosting a fines session last week 
  • Mally Rall as she was late
  • Tony Delich in honour of Senior Citizens week
  • Anyone who received a parking fine from the City of Perth 
  • All previous DG's
  • All past presidents
  • Anyone who can read and write 
President Stephen Lee with our guest speaker Professor Bill Louw, and fellow Rotarians Elizabeth Gorey and John Travlos.
Language is fascinating. So fascinating it is impossible to summarise in a few short paragraphs the presentation that was given by Prof Louw last week. With handouts and in passing around the COBIULD dictionary, Prof Louw challenged us all with many examples of the complexity of the English language and its interpretation.
Bill explained that the first COBUILD dictionary was published in 1987, and this  revolutionized dictionaries. It was the first of a new generation of dictionaries that were based on real examples of English rather than on compilers’ intuition – the type of English that people speak and write every day.
So today I challenge you all to ask IS IT THE TRUTH? 
As per the previous bulletin, please vote on your preferred organisation and projects of choice.
These organisations are:
Perth Inner City Youth Service - promoting and supporting positive interactions with young people. Located on Blencowe Street West Leederville. MORE HERE
The Foyer Oxford - Supporting young people by providing affordable accommodation and life skills. Located at 196 Oxford Street Leederville. MORE HERE
Extraordinary Lives Prison Fellowship - Supporting Children's mental health and wellness. MORE HERE 
And if you want to know a bit more about each organisation, click on the images below and read their websites. 
Once you are ready to make your choice about what organisation and projects we should support, click on the blue survey button below to take the survey. Results will be shared with the Club over the next few weeks.  
Perth Inner City Youth Services
Prison Fellowship Australia 
The Foyer Oxford 
Guest Speaker Thursday 17th September  - David Thomas President of the RASWA
Join us in the morning for a hearty breakfast and to hear from The Royal Agricultural Society President David Thomas. Joining the RACWA Council in 2013 David has held the position of President since 2017.
David has a passion for agriculture which he believes runs in the family, originating from his grandfather who operated a grain and feed business in Moorabbin, Victoria. 
We look forward to hearing from David as he shares with us their current challenges given the events of the past few months and the impact on the 2020 Royal Show.
Duties Roster 
Duties for the following two breakfast meetings: 
Thursday 17th September
Host:            Elizabeth Gorey
Welcome:      Tim Dawe
Toast:           Geoff Woods 
Thanks:        Ian Hutton
Newsletter:   Guy Mattioli 
Duty:            Mally Rall
Thursday 24th September
Host:             Sandy Gray
Welcome:       Ian Hutton
Toast:            Hayley Lethlean
Thanks:         Guy Mattioli
Newsletter:    Geoff Simpson
Duty:            Tim Dawe
September Birthday Celebrations 
Wishing our members a very happy birthday for the following dates: 
Name:                    Birthday: 
Neville Clare            5th September 1939
September Club Anniversaries 
Thanks for your continued support and congratulations on your Club anniversary for the month of September.
Name:               Date Joined West Perth:
Nigel Blacklock    28 September 2017    3-year anniversary 


Pease accept this as formal notification to all Members that we have received a membership application from Solomon Mbusa. Solomon currently holds the position of Mission Director for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Outreach Charity. Solomon has previously held a membership with the Club.
Should you have any queries or concerns regarding this membership application, please direct these to the Secretary prior to Friday 2nd September 2020. 

Hayley is back on her bike and defeating Dwelly for MDWA  

On Saturday 19th September Hayley is once again participating at the Dwellnigup100 and raising funds for MDWA.  As with previous years, Hayley is riding for Reuben, a young man living with congenital MD.  

Feel free to support the cause by clicking on the image above!  

Geoff Woods presented the Rotary Eulogy for Vic Hall's Funeral on Tuesday 8 September 2020 
Vic became a Rotarian in 1958 when he joined the Rotary Club of Subiaco. In those days if you moved your place of employment you had to change your Rotary Club so he transferred to the Mt Lawley Club in 1963 and the West Perth Club in 1965 where he has been an active member right up until recently, our longest serving member or a Rotarian for 62 years, an amazing achievement.
Vic enjoyed his earlier days at Subiaco & Mt Lawley and made long term friends with some members of these Clubs being Daryl Hick and John Kuring who coincidently happen to be parents or in-laws of current members of our Club.
Vic served many roles within the club including as the International Director from 1969 to 1971, Vice President in 1971-72 and President in 1972-73.  He was presented with Honorary membership in 2001 in recognition of his many years of service to the club and our communities.  Vic was responsible for the Induction of many of our members throughout the 70’s through to the 90’s reciting the complete “induction charge” by heart – impressing even the most distinguished of our new inductees!
Vic served as our club Historian for many years, meticulously recording, as only Vic could, all the Club Officeholders for more than 50 plus years on a hand written ledger in his extremely neat hand writing.
Originally named a Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary Club of West Perth in 1984 Vic was again honoured as recently as last year.  He very proudly told the story to me of the fact that his daughter Barbara is also named a Paul Harris Fellow.  A man quiet on his own achievements but never too hesitant to share a story about his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
That pride extended of course to Joan, his wife and partner in life and in Rotary.  Joan put great energy into the Inner Wheel Club, and organisation for the wives of Rotarians.  Together Vic and Joan used to enjoy the volunteer work and socialising that they did through the Rotary Club of West Perth and the Inner Wheel Club.
Vic was a great mentor to new Rotarians over the years and always had a dearth of interesting stories to tell to guide Rotarians young and old.  He was always quick to volunteer whenever a need was identified and loved attending our weekly meetings and Club social functions - even as recently as our Changeover Dinner in 2019 (clearly to watch over the induction of the incoming President for the new Rotary year).
Such was Vic’s enthusiasm, he regularly attended Club weekends away, and when our families were young he used to tell our kids to call him Pop, so many of our kids who are here today were blessed with Vic’s humour and wise council as a “third Pop”. The kids were all very fond of Vic and would still attend recent Dinners arranged to celebrate Vic’s Birthdays, he was very talented in that he could easily communicate with anyone regardless of their age.
One of our members Guy Mattioli shared his recollections of taking Vic to the TAFE AWARDS, sponsored by our club for many years.  Little did he realise the impact Vic had in the development of this vocational training institution as Director with many people recognising Vic and sharing with him so many stories of the good old days.  Vic’s smile told Guy how much he loved being there.
Vic, was a wonderful person, a true Gentleman, a Rotarian who lived his life choosing to contribute greatly because he knew he could. He will be missed by all members, our families and all those blessed to encounter Vic’s endless spirit.      
A copy of the Obituary from The West Australian Newspaper on 15th September 2020 can be found here
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