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Message from President Stephen Lee 
Back when I first joined West Perth we were a club of some 60 members. I was a past exchange student but knew little of Rotary “proper” – aside from the amazing opportunity I was granted.  I used to show up diligently to our weekly meetings at the Wembley Lodge sit at my table, struggle to be engaged with the conversation, all these old men (unfortunately at that time diversity was measured by our ability to accommodate two or more accountants as members) who really didn’t have a lot in common with this young fellow fresh out of school!
The learning curve was mine to take as seemingly everyone else knew each other, understood what was going on and where they could contribute.  I had to learn the hard way that you should never get between Allan Lockhart and potatoes, Gordon White has a laugh that can engage a room, Alan Raphael can fit you in for a quick clean and scale after any Rotary meeting and a Magic Show is a real way to raise funds.  If I were to reflect honestly, it wasn’t all that inviting as a new member, the club was great, the members were great and doing great things, but no one really had a focus on my journey within the club – so why continue???
Indeed there is an element of “Buck Up Petal” here, everyone isn’t responsible for my comfort – which is true, but simply opening your door to someone doesn’t make them a friend, that comes from all that goes on after you open the door.
So back to the question – why did I stay?  I stayed because I had a connection to Rotary, I experienced Rotary, but fundamentally, I stayed because someone took the time to invite me to join.  These 2 reasons carried me through the time where I felt uncomfortable, an outsider amongst a group of great friends.  I met my wife through Rotary, I have travelled the world with Rotary, hosted Rotarians in our home, our children have grown up with Rotary and our lives are richer for it.
Things change and our environment today is certainly different to what it was 30 years ago but whilst our clothing may be different our core purpose remains as relevant as ever – connecting, engaging & uplifting.
Someone took the time to invite me to be a member, someone took the time to invite you to be a member.  Who is worthy of your time to invite to be a future member of the Rotary Club of West Perth?
Yours in Rotary Service,
President 2020-21
Breakfast meeting overview - Thursday 12th November 2020 
Attendees present: 26 attendees 
Zoom Attendees: None  
Guests: Margaret Simpson, Joy Leighton Tim Clarke (TJ) 
Apologies: Steve Wilton, Tim Dawe, Neville Clare, Sandy Gray, Solomon Mbusa, Jill Smith, 
  • Heirisson Rotary visit will take place on 22nd February 2021
  • Invitation from the Lee family to attend their Christmas party in December 
  • Christmas gifts for Angel Tree project - 40 presents for kids have been committed to at this stage. There is no price allocated and the gifts is about the thought for the persons interest. Will get details back on age, gender and interest. And then collected (first week December) and then distributed 
  • Magic show going well. Will let the Club members know of details of attendance over the coming weeks. 
  • SwapMeet going well and nothing further to report. 
  • Elizabeth will touch base with her groups re funding etc 
  • Geoff and Geoff meeting for John Hollingshead recognition
  • Leederville School Garden project will not be having their opening this year. 
Fines: Theme linked to our Men's Shed visit and was Bob the Builder
  • Stephen is Bob the Builder
  • Business partner Wendy is Hayley 
  • Lofty is Garry
  • Scoop leader of machines Peter Blockley 
  • Muck - Tony Delich 
  • Rolly - Dennis 
  • Mayor Maddison - Mally 
  • Bob's Dad - Byron 
Speaker: Mike Wiggen, chair of the Men's Shed Showgrounds  
We were privileged to share the company on Mike and his team of chefs who served up a fantastic breakfast and presentation last Thursday, providing a great overview of the Men's Shed in Australia and in particular our visit at the Claremont Showgrounds Shed. 
The Men's Sheds started in Australia in the early 90ies and have been running for more than twenty seven years and there are Shed across the world in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands Germany and the USA.  Sheds in South Australia, Dumbleyung WA and Lane Cove in Sydney all claim to be the first Sheds to start. The name was formally registered in 1993 as a not for profit by the Lane Cove Shed, Sydney.

The Men’s Shed movement has now become one of the most powerful tools in addressing health and wellbeing and helping men to once again become valued and productive members of our community. As described by Mike, it is an instant social network for men to socialize and have responsibility. The Australian Men’s Shed Association (National Body) is funded by the Federal Department of Health to provide practical support to Men’s Sheds across the country to help them deliver a wide range of services. 
The Shed at the Claremont Show Grounds is one of 183 Sheds in WA as far as Donnybrook, Mukinbudin and Dumbleyung. The Shed in Claremont now have 170 members and they are aiming for 300. Mike noted that there is a common saying that there are more Men's Sheds in WA than MacDonalds outlets.
The Claremont Showgrounds Shed has been running 12 months and are nearly self sufficient - they have achieved what most Sheds take upwards of 5 years to achieve, and they acknowledge with thanks the contributions of Rotary in playing a role in their success. They are currently allocating funds to build a kitty for future investment. They are looking forward to their open days over the coming weeks where they will sell their wares. 
The delicious fruit salads served for our breakfast at the Men's Shed. 
BBQ area out the back of the Claremont Men's Shed 
Where are the magic happens 
Their best seller at present - mini picnic table with wine bottle holder
Potted plants for sale 
A walk through to see the various areas of production 
Bicycles under restoration as part of Bikes for Humanity Project 
Rotarians enjoying the outdoor gardens and entertainment area 
Showgrounds Community Men's Shed Open Days
In case you're interested and looking for some Christmas gifts, go and visit the Men's Shed Claremont on their open days over the coming weeks. Lots of choice and even an opportunity for some tea/coffee and bickies or a brekkie roll.
Saturday 14th November and Saturday 5th December from 9am to 1pm. 
Or alternately..... 
Make sure you read a copy of the article written by our very own Tim Dawe on Page 28 in the Have-a-Go News. 
November Birthdays & Celebrations 
Wishing our Members a happy birthday for the following dates:
Name:                    Birthday: 
David Arrowsmith     3rd November 
Dennis Hartley          13th November 
Elizabeth Gorey        15th November 
Garry Leighton         27th November 
Duties for the following two breakfast meetings: 
Thursday 19 November: Club Projects meeting 
Welcome:     Geoff Woods 
Toast:          Arthur Blaquiere 
Bulletin:       All presenters of content on the day  - email Hayley directly 
Duty:           Peter Blockley 
Thursday 26 November
Host:            Arthur Blaquiere 
Welcome:      Peter Blockley 
Toast:           Angus Buchanan 
Thanks:        Neville Clare 
Bulletin:       Tim Dawe 
Duty:           Tony Delich  
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