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Message from the President 
Thank you to everyone who sent through your positive comments following our meeting last Thursday.  Amazing what a difference having 13 visitors attending the club can make to the energy and enthusiasm. Yes, we had an interesting guest speaker, but we regularly enjoy those.  No, yet again, we have demonstrated and perhaps reminded ourselves that it is people who make the difference and influence our experiences.
To look back at our foundation, we understand the initial intent was that of friendship and association.  The concept whilst fledgling, resonated with an increasing number of people and 4 quickly grew to 30+.  Who could have guessed that once a group of people assemble with friendship and mutual benefit at the core, opportunities to serve in a broader sense rapidly materialise!
Like Paul Harris, we cannot fully know and control the outcomes from every aspect of our Rotary membership but we can be assured that bringing people together creates opportunity, creates momentum, setting a path where we may inspire each other.

So I come back to our guests last week – a Lawyer starting his business, a Banker, an Engineer, a number of investors, a Logistics Expert, a past member, a relatively fresh immigrant, a provider of Solar Power Systems, even the Italian Consul.  I imagine the richness each could bring to our club should they join – the projects we could undertake, the challenges we could overcome.  Certainly Rotary membership may not be for all of them, but when we consider all that could be, it is surely our duty to ensure our ranks are swelled with people who over time, become our friends, mentors and teachers.
This duty is for each of us.  As we each step out of our comfort zone and invite others to join us in our endeavours, soon we will find 30 becomes 50, 50 becomes 80 and the legacy we build shapes the world in a positive way for those who follow.
Yours in Rotary Service,
President 2020-21
Breakfast Overview - Thursday 18 March 2021 
Attendees: 24 WPRC Members 
Visiting Rotarians: Jeremy Wood (Cambridge)  and Peppe Pantano (Perth) 
Guests: Adrian Arundell (guest speaker) Cos Breglia, Stewart Richardson, Sean Marriott, James Heelan, Joseph Burke, Neville Hutton, Rob Storey, Stuart McPharlin, Stephen Drake-Brockman 
Apologies:  John Holman, Solomon Mbusa, Jill Smith, Sandy Gray, Mally Rall, 
Jon Tick provided a two minutes overview of the water well projects that have taken place in Vietnam and that a new well location was currently under planning. John noted that it cost approximately $5,000 to sink the well and this will provide water to more than 1000 people. 
Doug Worthington, a long standing Rotarian sadly lost his life on Wednesday 10 March 2021. Doug contributed to the Rotary Youth Exchange program for many years and is fondly remembered as a passionate photographer, friend and family man. Our sincere thoughts are with Penny and the Worthington family. 
Elizabeth noted that there was an urgent need to get a grinder to Acacia prison. The Board will give consideration to various options of ensuring this program is sustained in the future and will report back to the members over the coming weeks. 
Geoff Simpson reminded members that he is seeking 5 volunteers for the youth driver training program which will be hosted at the Claremont Show Grounds for 135 girls from Perth College on the May 11th from 8:30am to 2:30pm, Please reach out to Geoff if you can participate in this program. 
Guest Speaker Presentation by Adrian Arundell from Azure Capital 
With a packed house, we all sat enthralled listening to Adrian deliver a fabulous presentation. Adrian gave a short overview of his work over the past 30 years and shared the many successes at Azure Capital as an advisor since 2011 - he sure demonstrates a marvellous track record of successful transactions including Bethany Aged Care, the Salvation Army and many more. 
Adrian focused on the importance of being at the start of any deal to provide advice on numbers, strategies and the people involved. Adrian shared that while it might take time to determine the objectives of many buyers,  the most critical component in any deal is the people involved. He even highlighted that soft skills in psychology may go a long way in the brokering of most deals.  
Adrian noted that while everyone wants to buy the best company for the best price, successful mergers and aquisitions come from understanding the synergies of businesses and why the deal will work for both parties - in other words making sure it is understood what the people actually want! Adrian noted in particular the importance of making yourself redundant if you want to sell your business with great future success - something that is not always considered when seeking to sell your business.  
In summary key points included the importance of managing expectations and the other people involved in the deal, being responsive to what their clients need, ensuring decisions are analytically driven and making their clients dreams come true. 
Breakfast Meeting Thursday 24th March 2021  
Reminder that our presenter for our breakfast in the morning will be Mr Kym MacCormac, the Architect & Principal of MacCormac Architects who will talk about the design  of  Anzac  House on St George's Terrace. 
Kym has been a registered architect since 1976, and is currently a member of the Urban Design Committee of the RAIA . He is an examiner for the Architects Board of WA, a Registered Builder and was the RAIA Representative on the Builders Registration Board. Kym holds a Bachelor degree in Architecture from the University of Adelaide. Kym also holds a Graduate Diploma in Property from Curtin University in 1995.
Please pay directly to our Club Account: $22
BSB 036011
Account 427207   - please put surname in Description Box
Please ensure all apologies are submitted to the Secretary David Arrowsmith. 
Kym MacCormac
March Birthdays & Club Anniversary Celebrations 
Name:                    Birthday: 
Geoff Simpson         1 March
Jill Smith                 3 March 
Guy Mattioli             6 March
Byron Kakulas          29 March
Joined the Club: 
Name:                    Date:
Jill Smith                18 March 2004
Nathan Blockley      30 March 2017
An update from Solomon Mbusa
Just to let you all know that I'm still in Congo Kinshasa for the project of Murimo Center. For the last 4 months I have been so busy managing the construction of this training center. My my plan was to be back Perth in February but given the past experience with our local members management, we decided it was better to let me manage the project at this stage. 
In relation to our project budget, currently we are short of funding. We require $3000 for animal feed for  one years, and after this. the center will be able function sustainability. 
Anyone wishing to support, please contact me on my email 
A BIT ABOUT THE MURIMO CENTER - “The Spirit of Walikale”
Center Murimo is an organization that works on the improvement of traditional agro-pastoral productions by the establishment of new compatible standards in order to bring these productions to sufficient profitability levels to make them profit-generating activities and not income, in the hands of 70% of the Congolese populations who live in the precariousness of rural and peri-urban areas.
Center Murimo is a concept, another way of approaching, of gaining adherence, of raising awareness, of transmitting knowledge, of supervising and supporting the rural and peri-urban . We have been involved in different projects in the Congo and we started in 2007. You can visit out our website where you will find all information about our organization 
Solomon Mbusa
Thursday 25 March 2021 
Host:            Garry Leighton
Welcome:      Guy Mattioli
Toast:            Tony Pepper
Thanks:         Mally Rall
Bulletin:         Alex Rorrison
Duty:             Geoff Simpson
Thursday 1 April 2021 
Host:              Guy Mattioli
Welcome:        Tony Pepper 
Toast:              Mally Rall
Thanks:           Alex Rorrison
Bulletin:          Geoff Simpson
Duty:              John Tick
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