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Weekly message from President Stephen Lee 
I’ve been hiding a bit of a secret from everyone this year and I feel it is probably about time I came clean.  You see I find myself completely overcome with excitement and enthusiasm around our building club programme and the ways in which each and every member makes a contribution to bringing about a better world.
Whether it be Christmas presents, spectacle recycling, youth programmes, community gardens, Rotary Foundation programmes, Mental Health programmes, Swapmeet, our weekly meetings, the Magic Show, Donations in Kind, MERC, PICYS, Life Education…  I look at all this and more and frankly I’m inspired and honoured to be a Rotarian in the Rotary club of West Perth.
Sure we all have things going on in our lives that take up our time, yet in spite of that, we still each choose give – how can that not make you excited (I’m trying to think of how the introvert in my life may view the same, perhaps just the hint of an up turn in the corners of her mouth, or an imperceptible nod…)  Either way, it is difficult to deny the positive energy it creates however you choose personally to express it.
That leads me to the inevitable question – if I can feel this enthusiasm and can see the impact our efforts are having in supporting our communities, surely there are others who would equally enjoy the opportunity to contribute in the same way.  Whilst we can complicate the equation with ease, the simple math is more people, more opportunities to serve.  More experience, more inspiration, more engagements.
Perhaps you are thinking often less is more and that is true in many cases, but Hospitals can’t operate with only one doctor, schools can’t operate with only one teacher or student, the RFDS can’t operate with only one plane…  Or can they?
We are each stewards, custodians of a legacy.  1.2 million people doing good in the world.  Imagine the difference 2.4 million people might be able to make….?
Yours in Rotary Service,
President 2020-21
This project aims to provide a community based hearing and screening program in the region of Khon Kaen, Thailand. The aim is to establish three screening teams to visit community hospitals (approximately 25) to provide early diagnosis of hearing impairment in infants.
The sponsor club is the Rotary Club of Nakhon Khon Kaen International.
Our club was contacted to co sponsor an application to RI for a Global Grant for this project in conjunction with the sponsor club and the rotary clubs of Joondalup and Nedlands.

The application has now been submitted (GG1991216), questions have been raised and a detailed response has been provided.

We are now awaiting the final approval.

RCWP has committed to support this project subject to the GG approval and the support of the other co sponsor rotary clubs via a contribution to Rotary Foundation of US$4,000.00 which will enable the club to award four (4) Paul Harris Fellowships.
By Geoffrey Hick 
Royal Flying Doctor Services – WA
Following a recent presentation to the club it was suggested that we should assist in some way. We now have a “Wish List” of items/projects from RFDS in which we could participate.

These need to be assessed before making a proposal to the Board ensuring that our involvement is more than just a donation.
Consideration of
  • Leveraging of assistance
  • RCWP recognition and exposure
  • Possible Kimberly (Indigenous) focus
By Geoffrey Hick 
Rotary Club of West Perth: Spectacle Recycling Program Update 
A brief reminder that this project started by Tim Dawe as a competition to collect the maximum number of spectacles by a due date. He introduced it as “The See-Long Project”.'
In this last week, Kris Houston Trades Training Supervisor visited Arthur Blaquiere’s offices and factory in Malaga to collect 3,000 odd used spectacles for Acacia prison.
In addition a Nikon Vertometer was handed over to Kris for the prison’s spectacle repair and grading workshop.  This lens grading machine was gifted to our club for this project by the Rotary Club of Karrinyup on 6th October when Arthur gave that club an update of this project.
Presentation of Vertometer and two boxes of spectacle by RC of Karrinyup President Richard and International Director Ken Foggo, 6th Oct 2020. More about this here: Karrinyup Rotary 
Kris advised that one of their grading machines had suffered a malfunction and is 0.25 units out so will be welcome.  We than discussed the use of a lens cutting and grinding machine for the Accacia Prison Spectacle workshop.
The benefits will be able for the prisoners to gain a certificate in spectacle making and repair for post-prison employment.  Then Kris advised that only 25% of the recycled spectacles could be currently used due to surface scratches.  A lens grinding machine could improve use-age rate of these spectacle to about 80+%.
I have priced this machine with my local optician at Broadway Fair who advised me that his last machine cost $25,000 last year.  My optician is to contact a person who deals in used optician equipment for a possible source for a working second-hand machine.
Kris has a used lens cutting and grinding machine at the prison workshop but is not working and that have no manual.  I have requested that this machine be brought to My workshop and we will seek help to get this repaired if possible.
John Tick has volunteer to understudy me to take over this worth-while project.  Remember that simple spectacles are the easiest way to restore vision impairment as our President Stephen Lee demonstrates each week with his almost continuous changes of spectacles.
Yours in Rotary,
Arthur Blaquiere
RYLA and RYPEN Updates - Bernie Foley 
RYLA- Bernie has been advised by the applicants mother that she is not sure of her availability as she is waiting for a time for interview into RAAF around that time.

If we have 2 applicants, another club could pick up the cost who don’t have an applicant. RYLA co-ordinator in Regan can be contacted to see if this is available.
Applicants need to fill out online application and the RYLA committee will advise of suitability.
Stan Perron and Conoco – No interest from Hampton High School and Bernie will be discussing with the co-ordinator at Hampton tomorrow (only works part-time) to see why and if they wish to be our Link School.
RYPEN – nominees should be called for early 2021 from year 10 students.
School Link Program – will be having discussions with Hampton High School to see if they wish to continue as our Link School into 2021 and beyond.
Continuing Rotary Projects and Programs -by Elizabeth Gorey 
RYLA: Two nominations, Bernie Foley is championing this project - detailed above. 
National Youth Science Forum: Successful candidate, Andy Gian from Girawheen High. Peter Blockley is the champion
Camp Opportunity 2012: The club has donated to this in the past and this will go to the Board for consideration again. Jill has put her hand up to champion this project. Jill rocks!
MyVac: John Tick briefly touched on this new project that he wants to champion. It is about building houses for those affected by Agent Orange, and is in partnership with the Vietnamese government.
Bridging the Silence: Geoff Hick is the champion  - detailed above 
MERC: Ticking along with Tina Arthur as champion. Recent update noted that dentist chairs at UWA Dental School being replaced and School is donating 64 dentist chairs complete with overhead light and X-ray machine. It is proposed to ship chairs to Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Burundi and Tanzania.
Spectacles Recycling: John Tick is championing this under Arthurs tutelage. Detailed above.
Leederville Primary School: Garden ready for students and opening has now been postponed until 2021. Opening will be a photo and publicity opportunity. Art competition completed and 5 donors provided prize money to 11 successful artistic primary school students. Nigel Blacklock is the champion
Royal Flying Doctor Services: This project is to provide small and manageable equipment to the Service which have provided a list. The target area is for communities in the Kimberly and aboriginal. Peter Blockley is the champion with support from Geoff Hick
Duties for the following two breakfast meetings: 
Thursday 5 November: 
Host:            Hayley Lethlean 
Welcome:      John Tick 
Toast:           Geoff Woods 
Thanks:        Arthur Blaquiere 
Bulletin:       Nigel Blacklock 
Duty:           Peter Blockley 
Thursday 12 October: 
Men's Shed Visit  
Angel Tree Project Update: By Mally Rall
To date we have responses from 4 people and we have 9 gifts nominated. The Process from here is that donors will be matched with recipients. The Donor will be given the following information (age, code, gender and interest) and they will then go and buy an appropriate gift that matches. 
At present no value has ben assigned to the gift and it at your discretion.  The donor is to lable the gift with the code provided. All gifts are to be collected by early December and given to the coordinator. 
A team of WPRC volunteers with valid WWC checks will then delivery the gifts to the families. 
PLEASE complete the document if you are willing and able to donate a gift. COMPLETE FORM HERE
November Birthday Celebrations 
Wishing our members a very happy birthday for the following dates: 
Name:                    Birthday: 
David Arrowsmith     3rd November 
Dennis Hartley          13th November 
Elizabeth Gorey        15th November 
Garry Leighton         27th November 

BREAKFAST MEETING Thursday 5th November 2020 - Guest Speaker Mrs Janice Early 

Join us this coming Thursday for a sumptuous breakfast and hear from Janice Early from Comfort Keepers. Janice will share with us the other side of Community Care within the Aged Care Sector. Janice has over 30 years experience within community care and will look into the positive benefits of receiving Home Care packages. In particular, Janice will focus on the support provided to prevent loneliness in ageing Western Australians. 
Zoom Meeting Details
Meeting ID: 252 587 9631
Passcode: WPRC1954

Any apologies, please confirm to David Arrowsmith -
The meeting on Thursday week is at the Men's Shed at the Claremont Showgrounds. Access is from Gate 8 on Ashton Avenue and the route is signposted. Timings are the same as normal, i.e., 7.00 for 7.20.
The breakfast is continental and cost per head is $25.00. While this seems a lot, I have consulted with the boss of the cooking group who assures me that quality is very high and Matilda Bay Rotary Club were very happy with their breakfast a couple of weeks ago.
The guest speaker is the Men's Shed President, Mike Wiggins and after breakfast there will be an opportunity to have a look around to see what has been achieved.
Click on this as the: Link for Registration
Please do not forget to pre-pay $25 for breakfast to our Club Account:
BSB 036011
Account 427207  - please put surname in Description Box
We must advise numbers to the Men's Shed so appreciate your registration - Yes/No.  Visitors welcome....
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