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Club vocational visit to the HIVE 
As discussed by Tony at breakfast this morning, here is a link to amazing facility at Curtin University that we will attend for our first Club vocational visit this year.
At this stage it is planned for the week of the 20th - 24th April. 
It's known as the HIVE -  the Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch. This facility has four large-scale visualisation systems which each have their own unique characteristics to suit particular types of projects and types of content.
But rather than try to visualise what this may look like, follow this link below to watch a demonstration and to see what the HIVE is all about.
Tony will be in touch in due course to give specifics on dates and times. 
Thank you to everyone for your enthusiastic support of our CLUBRUNNER demonstration at our meeting.  Whilst nothing is ever perfect, this provides a good foundation from which we can build our member interactions and information sharing.  Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated and please channel through to Stephen or Colin.  
Once we all become more familiar, we will delve into the tools chest further as our ultimate aim is to have a central location where we can all upload content, share project activities, highlight interesting opportunities across the Rotary world for service and ensure we no longer have any member left wondering what we are doing or how they can participate.
If you didn’t manage to get access whilst at the meeting, or you missed our session, attached in links below are the simple step by step instructions to download and log into the app (and website).  Colin is available to answer any questions you may have.  We will be talking through this channel more regularly so whilst the focus is on set up, please take the time to ensure everything is running smoothly.
Arthur Blaquiere - Breakfast meeting Thursday 20th February 
Remember to join us next week to hear from much loved West Perth Rotarian Arthur Blaquiere 
Club Duty Roster for the next two weeks 
Please see below the duties list for the next two weeks meetings 
Thursday 20th February 2020:

Host:        Sandy Gray
Welcome: John van Vliet
Toast:      Neville Wacker-Bent
Thanks:    Mally Rall
Duty:       Neil Gray
Thursday 27th February 2020:

Host:        John van Vliet
Welcome: Neville Wacker-Bent
Toast:      Mally Rall
Thanks:   Neil Gray 
Duty:       Geoff Woods 
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