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Weekly message from President Stephen Lee 
It has been quite a while now that you have been subjected to thoughts from the President and I had figured this week was an appropriate time to give you a breather….  However, fear not and be thankful for my 60 minute daily Rockingham commute at 5am.  With most sleeping and those who are not perhaps engaged in the delights of physical exercise, I share my journey with Spotify and an interesting podcast.
This mornings topic related to Diversity.  Big topic, but time is on my side, so I got through 2 different podcasts one from Yourceomentor and the other from HBS Ideacast.  Both looking at the same principle from slightly different angles.  I’ve spent the day considering the points raised herein and how they apply not just to our business life, but to our life in general.  How can we better engage with each other and celebrate the differences in all our backgrounds to enjoy a better world.  Adding both of these on top of yesterdays lesson from Anthropologist James Suzman, I can’t help but be completely committed to the potential we each carry and the limitless opportunity before us when we figure out how to engage as a result of our differences.
I encourage a listen of each:
There is great challenge for us all as it really means connecting and engaging with people who think and see things quite differently to ourselves.  I have so much invested in my own point of view -  how could I possibly have time to entertain someone else’s…?  Yet it is through this sharing and challenging that great things develop.
I am a Rotarian because I do not have all the answers and by being a part of an organisation of such great cultural diversity and access to a global community, hopefully each day, each week, my eyes will be opened that little bit more and my contribution that wee bit richer….
Yours in Rotary Service,
President 2020-21
Presentation by Deputy Commissioner Operations DFES Craig Waters
A wonderful presentation by Craig last week provided significant insight into Australian, and WA in particular in relation to fire and emergency services given the current climatic challenges we are facing. A complete overview of the presentation will be included in the next bulletin. 
Huge congratulation to Geoff for his efforts in raising funds and awareness for END POLIO NOW last Friday. And a little update and message from Geoff:
Many thanks to all my financial supporters - it was very much appreciated. Only a few Rotary members joined the train during the day and I was the only one to complete a visit to all possible stations.

Leaving home at 8:30am, I caught the train to Fremantle to start my journey. When I alighted at 5:10pm I had achieved my aim of visiting all 85 stations on the Perth network – a total of 139 stops.

With your kind help, my total sponsorship yielded $1187.50. With the Gates Foundation’s help, that means $3562.50  towards the fight against Polio.
Again, many thanks for your part in this.
Kind regards
Our End Polio Now campaigners at breakfast last week - Geoff Simpson, Tim Dawe and David Arrowsmith. 
Each year, we donate around 800 vaccines through our guest speaker programme, Geoff’s effort looks like it will raise between $1200 and $1500 = $3000-$4000 to the support.  A drop in the ocean as compared to the X$Billion they are burning through but something to be proud!
Read more about Polio, and the role Rotary has played in the last years:  
Duties for the following two breakfast meetings: 
Thursday 29 October: 
Welcome:      Mally Rall
Toast:           John Tick
Newsletter:   Geoff Woods 
Thursday 5 November: 
Host:            Hayley Lethlean 
Welcome:      John Tick 
Toast:           Geoff Woods 
Thanks:        Arthur Blaquiere 
Bulletin:       Nigel Blacklock 
Duty:           Peter Blockley 
Breakfast Meeting - Thursday 29th October 2020 
Join us for breakfast in the morning to enjoy breakfast thanks to Chris and to work through ongoing plans for our Club projects. It's really important that we are all part of the journey and as actively involved as we can be. 
Please do not forget to pre-pay $22 for breakfast or $6 for a ZOOM  Meeting to our Club Account:
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October Birthday Celebrations 
Wishing our members a very happy birthday for the following dates: 
Name:                    Birthday: 
Tony Delich             10 October 
Bernie Foley            15 October 
October Club Anniversaries 
Thanks for your continued support and congratulations on your Club anniversary for the month of September.
Name:                  Date Joined Rotary & West Perth:
David Arrowsmith   37 years as a Rotarian on 6th October 1983
Christmas is coming 🌲 which means it's time for us help make Christmas a special time for those kids who have a parent in prison. Thanks for participating in our Club activity in supporting families at risk. Please register your interest in providing a gift to boys and girls. Following the link below:
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