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Message from the President 
With the closing of March, I look forward and see 3 months left of the current Rotary year, 3 months until I must hang up my gavel – 3 months until you get a rest from these weekly ponderings!  Naturally thoughts turn to whether or not we have achieved all we set out to achieve during this year, and if not, what can we squeeze into the last 3 months to “finish on a high”.
Goal, goal, goal, tick, tick, tick, job done, stand down.... Nice in theory, but I wonder where the sustainability is in that?  To be solely focused on an outcome means we miss the journey and it occurs to me that without the journey, reaching the destination holds little sustainable value. 
Want to go somewhere, think of Scotty beaming you to wherever you wish to go.  If it were that easy, would it hold the same experience had it mandated more investment, research, course planning, deviations along the way, time zone adjustments, various hotels, hire cars, engagements with locals, finding places to eat.  All these and more frame the experience and make the appreciation of the destination that much greater.
We have set an ambitious course, our goals are significant and attainment of those goals will deliver a better, more engaged Rotary Club.  People within our community will benefit greatly as a result of our efforts, but unless we are ready to participate in and value the journey, reaching our goals affords an elusive and short lived satisfaction.
Common theme here, patience and participation - 30 becomes 50, 50 becomes 80 and the legacy we build shapes the world in a positive way for those who follow....
Yours in Rotary Service,
President 2020-21
Breakfast Overview - Thursday 25 March 2021 
Attendees: 19 in total with 17 WPRC Members 
Guests: Kym MacCormac and Tina Arthur 
Apologies: Sandy Gray, Arthur Blaquiere, Alex Rorrison, Geoff Woods, Solomon Mbusa, Jill Smith, John Tick, Mally Rall  
Club Announcements
  • Following a successful meeting last week, President Stephen reminded us that we must all remain mindful of the need to invite people to our club.  If anyone remains hesisant or wants to have another member approach someone, please speak to Stephen.
  • Doug Worthington's family will be holding a memorial service 3-6pm on Friday 9th of April at the Wembley Golf Course Ambrose Room.  President Stephen advised on an initiative being organised by past exchange students in memorial of Doug.  They are raising funds to donate a reflection chair to be installed in a picturesque location.  A great initiative and these students date back 25 years.  Amazing what an impact someone can have on the lives of others and a reminder of how important the Youth Exchange programme is to Rotary
  • A number of initiatives were tabled by Mally at our previous meeting and she is seeking support.  Please consider.  There was a strong interest in supporting a response to the recent fires in our hills and this is our opportunity to make a positive contribution.
  • With sadness it was reported that Greenbatch has been put into Liquidation effective immediately. More information to come.
  • Albany Trip - this is coming up quickly.  Anyone still to make their booking should ensure they make contact with the hotel promptly to ensure availability.
  • The Returned Exchange Students of D9455 are chartering as a club and are inviting Rotarians to join them for their Charter night on June 26th at the Parmelia Hilton.  This will be held the week before our club changeover night, so anyone interested is encouraged to register.
  • Reminder of District Training online this weekend (now past).  All incoming board members, please make time to participate.
  • Geoff Hick - Update on RFDS initiative.  Geoff reported arrangements are slow going and there are some challenges with communication.  He and Peter Blockley will follow up again and remain confident of the potential for a combined project.
  • Swapmeet - John Van Vliet passed on a couple of goods donated over the weekend were of a reasonable value.  one of these is an Antique telephone.  He is offering this to club members if anyone is interested.  Value is estimated at $500.  Otherwise he will put online and try to sell. 
  • Tina Arthur gave an update about MERC confirming Nedlands have provided a donation to the project and the dentist chairs from the UWA Medical School have found a home in the Congo. 


Something interesting 
Guy Mattioli gave a brief update on the successful Ethnic Dinner held on Wednesday evening.  Vietnamese food and 17 in attendance.  A great chance to catch up with members and partners.  $35 for dinner and a great evening all round.  Looking forward to the next outing.  Suggestion from the group was to hold a dinner every 2 months - so sometime in May...!!!
SGT John
Lots of fines but the writer couldn't get them all down quickly enough...!  
Residents (or those nearby) of Cottesloe - no idea why...!
Bernie - apparently responsible for the heat on the weekend (so no Golf for Sgt)
Guy - Responsible for the fact it was a little cold this morning
Stephen - apparently rude to elders, suggesting John, Byron and Neville are old and decrepit...!!
Tony Delich - a representative showman
250 Rich List has been published no one in our club, but apparently some close relations
  • Tony Delich - Representing Anthony Pratt
  • David Arrowsmith - Representing David Haines
  • Nigel Blacklock - Representing Nigel Austin
  • Dennis Hartley - Representing Dennis Wagner
  • Tina Arthur - Closest representative for Gina Rinehart
Presentation by guest speaker Kym MacCormac 
Garry Leighton did an outstanding job introducing Kym MacCormac who shared with the club his work guiding the redevelopment of ANZAC House.  Kym ran us through a brief history noting the building has evolved from a Wooden structure built on a site purchased with public subscriptions through to Its current Mark III iteration.  Initially built in1934, the original Art Deco building served our returning personnel for 44 years, before the site was redveloped in the Brutalist form - a concrete fortress rather difficult to remove.  It stood for 36 years, before making way for the current structure.
Kym clearly holds a significant commitment to the support and advancement of the RSL mission and provided many options for how the site may best be used, with the RSL ultimately chose the least likely.  The end result is a building with a basement, ground floor, plus 7 storeys entirely supporting allied services for the RSL.  the building has delivered on all its intents and is proudly termed as "Neo-Deco". It proudly displays the colours Red, White and Blue representing the services below, on and above the ground. 
Within the building they have been able to retain a number of elements from the previous structures including stained glass and cast glass panels.  A new commemorative stone has been installed atop the original commemorative stone and a time capsule has been inserted into the wall for the discovery of future generations.
Kym ended his presentation with a reflection on how fortunate we are for those who serve and he was proud to participate in such a wonderful project that will hopefully stand the test of time into the future.
Tony Delich offered the Vote of Thanks.
President Stephen off to the footy to watch his mighty Freo Dockers 


As shared by Tina Arthur last week, in October this year there will be a guided tour on a coach to the Rotary Club of Wongan Hills. The trip will depart from Royal Perth Yacht Club in South Perth on the morning of Friday 29th October and visit a number of great venues along the way, staying in Dalwallinu overnight and returning to Perth on Saturday evening the 30th October. 
The Cost is $320 per person double share or $400 for a single. 
For bookings please contact Bill Boekeman on 0427 771 884 or via email 
A copy of the full itinerary is available HERE
March Birthdays & Club Anniversary Celebrations 
Name:                    Birthday: 
Geoff Simpson         1 March
Jill Smith                 3 March 
Guy Mattioli             6 March
Byron Kakulas          29 March
Joined the Club: 
Name:                    Date:
Jill Smith                18 March 2004
Nathan Blockley      30 March 2017
Thursday 1 April 2021 
Host:           Guy Mattioli
Welcome:     Tony Pepper
Toast:          Mally Rall
Thanks:       Alec Rorrison  
Bulletin:      Geoff Simpson  
Duty:          John Tick 
Thursday 8 April 2021 
Host:            Tony Pepper
Welcome:      Mally Rall
Toast:           Alec Rorrison  
Thanks:        Geoff Simpson  
Bulletin:       John Tick 
Duty:           John van Vliet
Provided by MERC Committee Member Tina Arthur
The main donation for this month has been this Aplio 300 Ultrasound Machine donated by Genea Hospital Fertility.
Other equipment donations that have been received in the last two months include: 
  • Nebuliser machine - private donation;
  • Mattresses for hospital beds;
  • Electric wheelchair –new, from private donation
  • Electric hospital bed and walker from deceased estate
  • Wheelchairs – various, private donations
  • CPAP machine used to assist people with heart failure or pneumonia to breathe
  • Orthopedic braces, moon boots, crutches – various, several private donations
  • ECG machine and an ear syringe machine from Oxford Street Medical centre
  • Blood test kits – large box from Breast Cancer Research Centre
  • Feeding pouches for prem babies – 72 pieces, private donation
  • School uniforms – several large boxes from Leeming P.S.
  • Support braces, pregnancy belts, neck collars large box from Lifecare Physiotherapy
Presentation to Rotary Club of Nedlands
Tina Arthur MERC Coordinator was invited by the Rotary Club of Nedlands (RCN) to give a presentation on MERC at their breakfast meeting on 18 February 2021. Following this presentation, RCN generously donated $1000 towards the MERC program.
Containers in Rockingham
In January 2021, three MERC 40 foot containers were relocated from Fremantle to Rockingham at President Stephen Lee’s work premises. Thank you to John Tick for arranging this relocation and to Stephen for the use of his premises.
UWA Dental Chairs with Tools/Examination Light
UWA Dental School – 36 dental chair packages have now been picked up by our MERC contacts and on the way to Wau South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Aplio 300 Ultrasound machine donated by Genea Hospital Fertility. 
Rotary WA Driver Education
As announced at our club meetings, our club has undertaken to assist running a session of the RWADE for 135 Perth College students on Tuesday, the 11th May. It is not very onerous other than a time commitment.
We need 6 volunteers at the Claremont Show Grounds from 9:00am until 2:00pm - morning tea and lunch provided. I have attached the programme for the day. Your responsibility is to accompany one of the groups for the day, through the 6 differing activities. A teacher will also be with each group..
Would love to hear from some volunteers by 14th April.
Please reach out directly to Geoff if you can help. 
0408 925 432
If you love a good drop of red of white wine, do your bit by ordering some of the Killerby Win options and at the same time make a  few dollars for the Club. 
The order form is available here so complete and send through to 
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