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Words are not sufficient to describe this man. 

I invite you each to close your eyes, take a deep breath and see the image you hold in your mind of the man who was John Hollingshead. 

1928 – 2020

Goodbye you Colonel Pommy Bastard
We love you and are better in every way because of you.
Bernie Foley, Stephen Lee, Suzzanne Laidlaw and Arthur Blaquiere following her magnificentpresentation by Suzzanne at breakfast on the 27th August. 

Breakfast meeting 27 August 2020 - Update

Attendees present: 25 attendees of which 22 were members
Zoom Attendees: Angus Buchanan and Geoff Simpson 
Guests: Suzanne Laidlaw, Gerry Gallen and Solomon Mbusa
20th August: Peter Blockley; Sandy Gray; Tony Pepper; Jill Smith; John Tick
27th August: Ralph Martins; Peter Blockley; Sandy Gray; Tony Pepper; Jill Smith; Steve Wilton
Make Ups:
Week Preceding 20th August: David Arrowsmith; Angus Buchanan; Bernie Foley; Dennis Hartley (x 2); Ian Hutton; Stephen Lee; Hayley Lethlean; Geoff Simpson; Ralph Martins 
Week Preceding 27th August: Tony Delich; Pat Emery; Stephen Lee; Jill Smith
  • Stephen Lee acknowledged the passing of Vic Hall. He noted that funeral arrangements should be known later on the afternoon of the meeting.
  • Stephen Lee reported on John Hollingshead's health and being in hospital.
  • John Tick volunteered to arrange a vocational visit to Curtin.
  • Nigel Blacklock volunteered to take on wine sales.
  • As yet no one volunteered to take on Entertainment books.
  • Tony Delich advised Swap Meet made $283 in a lively session.
  • Arrivals
  • Solomon Mbusa for his shirt
  • Ian Hutton for not getting to his shift at Swap Meet.
  • Dennis Hartley for winging that “the Dockers were b….. robbed”.
  • In recognition that Covid saw the cancellation of an American surfing contest for dogs, Ian Hutton fined for living close to Swanbourne beach.
  • Tony Delich for his cycling socks.
  • Question – number at last week’s meeting – wrong answer; table fine.
  • Question – where is Zone Conference being held in 2020 – wrong answer; table fine
Breakfast Meeting Thursday 27 August 2020 - Suzzanne Laidlaw
What an awe inspiring presentation by our guest speaker Suzzanne Laidlaw. Suzanne works as a business planning consultant and has written a book about her story and her thoughts on planning; it is titled “What is Your Plan”.
Suzzanne described the story that has helped shaped her life. At 19 years of age, she and her partner attended a seminar in Melbourne given by a motivational speaker who encouraged people to dream big and plan to achieve their dreams. A few years later, living back in Perth, there was a terrible accident in their home and her husband suffered massive and critical burns and the house was badly damaged. He wasn’t expected to live. In ICU with Suzanne by his side he effectively died but did recover. When regained consciousness he recalled an out of body experience he had had; he recalled looking down on his charred body and remembering the plans that he and Suzanne had together, he decided he couldn’t leave her alone.
He now works as a person trainer and a yoga instructor from a studio in their own home. Together they have achieved most of those early lofty plans.
Suzanne believes we should all have a plan with long term goals. Suzanne shared her top 5 tips for getting through challenges:
Keep a positive attitude. Suzanne noted that 10 years after her husband’s horrific accident, she was give 5 years to live. She credits having a positive attitude with helping to get her through.
Focus on what is really important.
Look after yourself first. If you let yourself get rundown, you will not be able look after others or to perform at your best and to achieve your goals.
Create a picture of success. Suzanne uses a “circle of life” to help decide goals.
Ask for help.
Ian Hutton also observed that Suzanne has successfully completed the Rottnest Channel Swim solo.
If anyone is interested in purchasing Suzanne's book, you can do so on the link below. 
A little message from Suzzanne..... 
Thank you so much for the opportunity to present to your Club. It’s always a privilege to speak, share my story and inspire others.
My purpose in life is to be a millionaire of hearts, positively inspiring one million people before I leave this earth. 
If you’re happy to, I’d love if you’d visit my Millionaire of Hearts website and add your ‘heart’ to the tally. Click on this button mid way down the page and it will update the number 😊 Feel free to leave a message at the bottom of the page too. It’s a fun way of knowing I’m making a positive impact to others in my life journey. 
Click on the image above to let Suzzanne know she touched your heart! 
Two minutes with Tony Delich 
Tony told us of his adventure on a recent weekend. He and his wife went hot air ballooning out from Northam. The day involved meeting at Northam airport at 5:00am to be driven to a launch site some distance away. The balloon can carry 24 passengers plus the pilot. Tony found it interesting that the pilot can only control the balloon’s movement in the vertical plane; that is rising and landing.
The pilot has to be careful to bring the balloon down at an acceptable site, not for example in a field of crops. An exhilarating experience.
Duties Roster 
Duties for the following two breakfast meetings: 
Thursday 3rd September
Host:             Tony Delich
Welcome:       Elizabeth Gorey
Toast:            Sandy Gray
Thanks:         Ian Hutton
Newsletter:    Geoff Woods 
Duty:            Patric Emery 
Thursday 10th September
Host:             Tim Dawe
Welcome:       Tony Delich
Toast:            Ian Hutton
Thanks:         Garry Leighton
Newsletter:    Hayley Lethlean 
Duty:            Guy Mattioli 
September Birthday Celebrations 
Wishing our members a very happy birthday for the following dates: 
Name:                    Birthday: 
Neville Clare            5th September 1939
September Club Anniversaries 
Thanks for your continued support and congratulations on your Club anniversary for the month of September.
Name:               Date Joined West Perth:
Nigel Blacklock    28 September 2017    3-year anniversary 
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