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Breakfast with Win Jones  OAM - Thursday 16th January 2020

The John Fawcett Foundation is well and truly entrenched in the culture of our club with both founders, John Fawcett and John Hollingshead, both being Club members over the year. 
It was fantastic to receive and update from Win Jones OAM the current Board Chair of the Fawcett Foundation. Win provided an overview of the current status of the organisation and how they continue to grow and build their capacity to provide to sight to those  who have visual disabilities, and especially cataracts in Bali. 
Win noted in particular, thanks to Pat Emery who had been the treasurer for the Foundation for many years, and he again thanked the club for their longstanding commitment to the cause. 
Win Jones and Pat Emery 
Relaxing with great company

Breakfast update from Professor Steve Wilton - Thursday 23 January

Also entrenched in the culture of the Club is the investment into muscular dystrophy research and we were delighted to hear this morning from club member, and esteemed professor Steve Wilton.
Steve provided a very east to understand overview of the work he and Sue Fletcher and their team at Murdoch University have been undertaking. It was great to watch Steve's descriptive videos of how the gene splicing works, thus enabling us all to understand their therapy technology better. Steve's team have lots of investigation and research opportunities underway in many areas of rare disease, and we look forward to great progress in the coming years as these drugs become available for the Australian community. 
It was also fantastic to see Sandy at breakfast, and Byron noted how much support Steve and the various organisations involved has received from Sandy over the years. 
Thanks also to Margaret and Jan who joined us as guests this morning to hear Steve's presentation. 
Steve and host honorary member Emeritus Professor Byron Kakulas
Steve receiving his certificate of thanks from member Sandy Gray
Professors Steve Wilton and Sue Fletcher have worked together for more than 25 years in their research and development of treatments for muscular dystrophy and other rare conditions
 Happiest of birthdays to those members celebrating their birthday in January! 
  • Tina Arthur on the 6th 
  • Vic Hall 15th 
  • John van Vliet 18th 
  • Angus Buchanan on the 27th 
In particular we want to wish Vic Hall a huge congrats on his 98th birthday. Vic has been a member of the Club since June 1954 and he truly is loved by one and all. We look forward to seeing Vic at breakfast again in the near future. 
Vic celebrating his birthday last year 
And a couple of years prior to that 
Hard to believe this article was published 84 years ago in the Albany Advertiser about our very own Vic! 
On Saturday 7 March 2020 the Club will be holding a “Guess who’s Coming to Dinner” evening. These have been very successful in the past and give members and their partners the opportunity to meet in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

For new members and those who suffer from memory loss (like me) this is briefly the way it works:
  1. Members who wish to host a dinner notify the organiser of their willingness and how many guests they can host to a maximum of 6 (total of 8 sitting at the table). This is done in confidence as their identities must be kept secret.
  2. Members wishing to be guests nominate to the organiser. This is an open process.
  3. The organiser then allocates guests to hosts and shortly beforehand the dinner inform guests where they are going for dinner and what their contribution will be.
  4. Hosts do NOT know who their guests are until they arrive. It would be appreciated if no advance warning is given to the host.
The host is responsible for the main course.
Guests will be responsible for taking nibbles, entree or desert to their venue.
Guests will be told as long as possible beforehand which of these they are doing. Each couple will provide a bottle of wine for the dinner.

Required actions from Members
Members who wish to be a host please get in touch with me as soon as possible. The previous dinner had 5 hosts.
Names of members attending as guests will be collected at meetings prior to the event. However, members who cannot or will not be attending meetings can nominate by email.

Contact Details
Email address is or phone 93815976.
Polio raises its ugly head! 
Sadly this week, the Department of Health (DOH) has confirmed four more polio cases in the Philippines, bringing the total number of polio cases to 16 since the outbreak was declared in September 2019.
The DOH warned that the country was at "high risk for poliovirus transmission" as there had been a drop in oral polio vaccine (OPV) coverage in the past years. 
DOH have extended their Sabayang Patak Kontra Polio (SPKP) campaign to ensure that no child is left unvaccinated and to boost protection for those already vaccinated. The succeeding rounds are scheduled in all regions of Mindanao, and in the National Capital Region. over the next four weeks.
Rotary across the world remains committed to eradicating this disease, so lets hope this outbreak can be curbed. 
Thursday 30 January Guest Speakers - Bec  Noakes  &  Merle  Nuber Salini  Impregilo-NRW  Joint Venture on the  Forrestfield-Airport  Link-Tunnelling 
Planning for Forrestfield-Airport Link began in 2008, with discussions around how the suburban rail network could best be connected to Perth’s growing eastern suburbs. The project was launched in August 2014 following approval from the State Government. 
In April 2016 Salini Impregilo-NRW Joint Venture (SI-NRW) were awarded the $1.176 billion contract for design, construction and a ten year maintenance period once the project is complete in 2021.
We look forward to hearing from Bec and Merle as they provide an overview and update on the project. 
Weekly duties roster
See below duties list for the next two weeks meetings - there have been a few changes
Thursday 30th January 2020:
Host:       Tony Pepper
Welcome: Jill Smith
Toast:       Sandy Gray
Thanks:    John Tick
Duty:       John van Vliet 
Thursday 6th February 2020:
Host:        Jill Smith
Welcome: Sandy Gray
Toast:       John Tick
Thanks:    John van Vliet
Duty:       Neville Wacker-Bent
Reminder, if you can't do your roster duty, please find someone to replace you. 
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