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Weekly message from President Stephen Lee 
Sometimes I get the chance to sit on my couch outside by the pool, in the lovely garden Sue has created – just to ponder.  Aye these chances are few and far between but nonetheless I spent my most recent pondering opportunity thinking about our Rotary Club…!  What got me going was the thought that “a rolling stone gathers no moss”.  I was reflecting on that in the sense that with momentum we are able to avoid that which holds us back - onwards and upwards as they say.  But as I followed the thought, it got me thinking as to the benefits that come from those times when we are “not rolling”.  The times when we plant our roots and build our foundations.  Imagine my surprise jumping to mother Google a little later only to find a pretty much even split across the planet as to the intent of this well-known proverb.
Whilst I can’t attest to the personal view of the author, I find it intriguing that what are seemingly diametrically opposed interpretations could arise from such a simple statement.  Yet as is so often demonstrated to me, you need the black and you need the white.  Both equally important and critical to the context. 
So why go on about all this…  well, I like to think both interpretations describe we as the Rotary Club of West Perth.  The amazing foundation stones which comprise our history and the momentum we carry as current members.  The benefits of movement and the benefits of staying put, both combining to provide the enhanced outcomes we seek.
I love the potential offered to each of us as members of West Perth and the contribution we are each called to make and may we forever enjoy the benefits of both our rolling and stationery stones.
Yours in Rotary Service,
President 2020-21
Breakfast meeting 8th October 2020 - Update
Attendees present: 29 attendees 
Zoom Attendees: N/A
Guests: Solomon Mbusa, Joshua Lee, Jan Hutton, Margaret Simpson, Marianne Testi and Ivy
Apologies: Steve Wilton, Ralph Martins, Sandy Gray, Neville Clare, Geoff Woods, John van Vliet, 
  • President Stephen Lee acknowledged the successful visit to FOYER last week.
  • Stephen announce that Solomon would be inducted next week. He reminded us about contacting our Rotary Alumni, with a view to holding an alumni event.
  • Stephen addressed whether there was a need to continue with Rotarian representatives on the Claremont Showgrounds Men’s Shed Board. The meeting agreed that this need not continue. 
  • Reminder to please complete the survey about the Club projects for focus in future. 
  • Tony Delich noted another good week at Swapmeet with $390 banked. Magic show marketing sales doing well and hoping to achieve a good result.
  • Tony Delich for his birthday
  • Ian Hutton for Jan’s birthday and Hayley for Matthew’s birthday
  • David Arrowsmith for 37 years in Rotary. 
  • Late: Elizabeth, Mally and Hayley
  • Pat Emery for the Eagles loss
  • Arrivals – John Tick, Jill Smith. 
  • Virtual Wine winners – Guy and Geoff Hick.
  • Budget – all those who pay tax.
Project Updates:
  • Tim Dawe reminded us of the upcoming World Polio Day on the 24th October – suggested all Club members buy a red End Polio Now T-shirt to wear to Swapmeet. President Stephen encouraged us all to do so. – - $20
  • Geoff Simpson raised the Train Ride for Polio on that date. Members encourage to read the details below, seek sponsorship and JOIN the RIDE on the 24th.
  • Mally gave a short presentation on our Community Engagement projects.
Extraordinary Lives – Christmas Present Appeal

Extraordinary Lives/Prison Fellowship offer prisoners an opportunity to ‘send’ personalised Christmas gifts to the particular prisoner’s child/children – the gift you provide will be from the parent prisoner.
  • CALL TO ACTION: A volunteer/s is required to manage/coordinate this initiative
Each WPRC member participating in the initiative will be given an individual to buy a gift. The name, age, gender and interests of the gift recipient will be provided by Extraordinary Lives/Prison Fellowship. WPRC donor will buy an appropriate gift for the individual identified and address this as being from  ”Mom/Dad”
Rotarians Jill Smith, Stephen Lee and Geoff Hick with guest speaker Marianne Testi from the Royal Flying Doctor Service WA
Ian Hutton introduced our guest speaker, Marianne Testi from the Royal Flying Doctor Service WA. 

Marianne gave a very enlightening outline of her varied adventures with RFDS, starting with her call back from her long service holiday to help implement the changes to their services and protocols caused by COVID-19.

She explained the various priorities they use which determines how long the pilot has to ready the plane and be on their way to pick up their patient. Anyone in need has an 1800 number to ring and the system refers the caller to the doctor nearest to their location. The Doctor decides whether aerovac is required and determines the priority, as well as telling the people onsite, what first aid they should give. RFDS has been providing the service for 90 years and last year was their busiest, with over 9000 patient trips in WA – 8 Million kms flown with their 18 aeromedical fleet planes – 2 PC-24 jets and 16 PC-12 Turbo-prop planes.

They proudly lay claim to being the best in the world at handling pre-term labour patients.

Marianne explained that in the old days the outcome of a patient flight was likely to be poor for remote patients. Nowadays with faster planes and being able to deliver the correct medicine to patients quickly, the expectation has changed to a positive outcome.

Mally gave the vote of thanks for a very enthusiastic talk.
For those interested, here is a link to their latest news:
Our wonderful guests Margaret Simpson and Jan Hutton who joined us for breakfast on Thursday. 
President Stephen with son Josh who also joined us for breakfast. 
As highlighted by Tim Dawe, on Saturday 24th October we join all other Rotarians in celebrating END POLIO NOW DAY.
Tim encouraged the Club to purchase one of the bright red shirts, to wear in raising awareness of this important cause and as a more visual of Rotary when you are on SwapMeet duties. 
You can purchase your own t-shirts here:
Geoff Simpson reminded us that on Friday 23rd October you can wear your shirts and travel the Perth trains creating awareness and money for END POLIO NOW. 
Register your interest to join the train troop by emailing Greg Thurston by clicking this link.
Duties for the following two breakfast meetings: 
Thursday 15 October: 
Host:            Garry Leighton
Welcome:      Guy Mattioli
Toast:           Mally Rall
Thanks:        Geoff Simpson
Newsletter:   John Tick 
Duty:            Geoff Woods  
Thursday 22 October: 
Host:            Guy Mattioli
Welcome:      Hayley Lethlean 
Toast:           Jill Smith 
Thanks:        Geoff Woods 
Arthur Blaquiere was guest speaker at Rotary Club of Karrinyup and  updated them about the Spectacle Recycling program. They made a financial contribution to our program and gave Arthur  two large boxes of spectacles and a Vertometer to be used in the program.
They were interested in joint projects with our club and currently had a water and bicycle project, both in Zambi.
If you click on the image above you can watch the video of the trip to Sri Lanka in 2017 as part of the Spectacles Project, and Arthur has provided an overview of the project which can be read here:
October Birthday Celebrations 
Wishing our members a very happy birthday for the following dates: 
Name:                    Birthday: 
Tony Delich             10 October 
Bernie Foley            15 October 
October Club Anniversaries 
Thanks for your continued support and congratulations on your Club anniversary for the month of September.
Name:                  Date Joined Rotary & West Perth:
David Arrowsmith   37 years as a Rotarian on 6th October 1983

BREAKFAST MEETING THURSDAY 15th OCTOBER 2020  - Presentation by DG Jon Bilson 

To make the Treasurers job easier, please remember to prepay your $22 breakfast via ETF before you arrive. 
Zoom Meeting Details
Meeting ID: 252 587 9631
Passcode: WPRC1954

Any apologies, please confirm to David Arrowsmith -
Two minutes with Hayley Lethlean 
Hayley being South African, shared with everyone a brief overview of the 11 official languages of South Africa. Prior to 1996 South Africa had 3 official languages in Dutch, English and Afrikaans, and during this year the constitution was amended to recognise 11 official languages given that 80% of the population at that stage spoke another languages to the official 3. South Africa actually has about 34 historical languages spoken. 
The official languages are: Zulu, Xhosa, Sesotho, Tshivenda, Setswana, Swati, Xitsonga, Sepedi, Ndebele, English and Afrikaans. 
It was noted that Zulu is the most spoken language with 23% of the population speaking this, followed  by 16% Xhosa, 13.5% Afrikaans and 10% English. Afrikaans is a version of Dutch that evolved from the Southern Holland dialect brought into South Africa in the 1600s'.
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