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Message from the District Governor Jon Bilson
Today, the 21st of April, marks an enormously significant occasion for Rotary in Australia and New Zealand – our Centenary. For the past 100 years we have inspired, led and contributed to so many significant projects throughout the nation and the world.  Locally we have established the first WA Medical School, the Cord Blood Bank and produced thousands of wheelchairs for kids amongst the hundreds of other projects over the years…..all this whilst on a global stage we have nearly achieved our ‘outlandish’ goal to eradicate Polio. We have so much to be proud of and so much to tell the world.
The video below from the recent Joint District Conference reminds those around us that Rotary truly makes a difference and every day we strive to make the world a better place.

So today please remember to reflect, raise a glass and celebrate our 100th Birthday.
Yours in celebration,
Jon Bilson
District Governor
Rotary District 9455
Breakfast Overview - Thursday 8 April 2021 
Attendees: 25 WPRC Members 
Guests: Jamie Devitt and Kane Blackman
Apologies: Bernie Foley, Elizabeth Gorey, Sandy Gray, Solomon Mbusa, Jill Smith, Byron Kakulas 
  • Alex Mofflin, our RYLA student is attempting to form a ROTORACT Club in Rockingham.
  • President Stephen is away on holidays in Augusta next week. Hayley Lethlean to chair the next meeting. Hayley at Rottnest till next Wednesday and there wont be a bulletin.
  • Board meeting notice to be issued next week
  • Tony Delich to canvass opinions of continuance of the Swap-meet
  • Geoff Hick announced a collaborative project with the Royal Flying Doctor Service that looks promising and will use the “Rolling Stone” technique to raise funds. RCWP to become a matching partner with Rio Tinto, CBH and others.
    Volunteers are still required for the driving school assistance 11 th April.
Guest Speaker overview:
The Leederville Sporting Club were presented by Jamie Devitt and Kane Blackman. They noted that following the election of a new younger committee the club has resulted in a hectic six months ably assisted by manager Nigel Blacklock.

The Leederville Sporting Club aims to be a recreational centre for the people of West Leederville and nearby suburbs and other interested people. The club currently had 440 members with 275 new members recruited in the last six months.

The club dates back to its beginning in 1905 so it has been a great community organisation for over a hundred years.

A key objective is to convert the club to a social and recreational club not just a bowls club. It is important to broaden the span of interests as there is considerable threat to the property land usage considering that Perth is to double in size by 2035.
The club is aiming to make better use of all available areas currently held as well as securing a lease over some unused land to the North West of the site.
Funding of planned improvements is a key issue and therefore an increase of membership is required to increase revenue and therefore funds for the improvements. Grant applications are in progress and hopefully these will bear fruit.
Planned upgrades as yet unfunded are: Kitchen improvements, Upgrade the sound system,. Extend lighting to the bowling greens, facilitate better product offerings over the bar; improved safety fencing, upgrade of toilets to include disability provisions.

Other activities planned are: swap-meets, Anzac Day celebration in the Rose Garden, Car and equipment shows, Melbourne Cup event and similar styled events.

In summary the plan for the club is to operate it more business-like and to encourage more participation by community groups such as Rotary.
SGT John's fine session:
  • Mally celebrates her 29th Wedding Anniversary. She noted she was obviously sold off at 14!
  • Late arrivals Arthur and Mally.
  • Fine for all architects etc. designers: Mally, David, Gary and Guy.
Wooroloo and Gigegannup  Bushfire Recovery Project 
Further to discussion by Mally last week, she is seeking two working groups to coordinate bushfire support project- one for the tools and one for the plants. As part of these working groups we need leaders which include:
  • A coordinator to liaise with the MensShed on tool collection
  • A coordinator who can work with other Rotary Clubs to collect tools
  • A coordinator with the MensShed to oversee the plants collection 
  • A coordinator who can work with other Rotary Clubs to collect plants
if you are interested in being part of these projects please reach out to Mally via email, phone or text message. 0409 768 648
An overview of the SwapMeet survey and Club meeting discussion 
There were 24 responses out of 30 email sent. Those for Swapmeet to continue were 4 people and those for SwapMeet to close were 13 and 4 were undecided. 
Many who said no, cited little reward for much effort/time required to set up and pack away/ venue poor. Another key these was to try to find one key project to replace this as a fundraiser.
Common points included some suggestions and some potential changes highlighted below:
  • Appoint a Manager/Chair plus 2-3 sub-committee - those who have passion for SwapMeet. Nedlands Rotary had Nada as a promoter there each week and had a network to source goods.
  • Continue further discussion required and allow several discussions to make a decision.
  • Make sure there is an exit plan for alternative fundraiser(s) before decision to close – must source an alternative.
  • Perhaps consider change time to a single shift – not double as at present, to reduce pressure and time open. (eg.8.00am -10.30 am).
  • Study the cashbook and determine saleable items in demand – discard slow lines eg. Records/CDs/Clothing. Following this re-stock saleable items and continue to source these.
  • Partner with Rotaract club and share the profits. 
  • Given the ageing membership it was difficult to move large trolleys. Perhaps reduce stock in trolley and move heavy items into book storeroom permanently.
  • Get stronger Clothes’ racks.
  • Perhaps investigate alternate venues - current is unattractive, not suitable.
  • SwapMeet was a good way to demonstrate Rotary at work in the community - exposure - working together.
  • SwapMeet is a service to the disadvantaged - recycling.
  • Perhaps change the time to monthly only
  • Possibility of including food outlets - not in competition with Broadway Fair
Breakfast Meeting Thursday 22nd April 2021  
Join us in the morning for breakfast and hear from Mr Peter Illidge on the practicalities of the Gallipoli campaign. 
Peter is Perth boy. An indifferent student at CCGS and John Curtin he outgrew his indifference and became an accountant. For some years he also ran a fishing company and then spent  20 years as a Commonwealth public servant in WA managing a number of interesting Commonwealth Government programs in Primary industry, community services and lastly, trade. Peter spent the last 10 years of his working life as a freelance management consultant.
In the 80’s between jobs Peter was doing an investigation for an ex employer. On a miserable winter afternoon in Melbourne he walked into a bookshop and bought a book “ Luxury fleet”, an economics text book on how the German Empire financed it’s High Seas Fleet, built to challenge Britain in WW1. And it had a description of the 1916 naval battle of Jutland, the biggest naval battle fought to that time and a battle Churchill said, “could lose the war in an afternoon”.   
Peter has been interested in military history ever since.
Peter notes wo original innovative ideas came out of WW1, the tank and Gallipoli. Both supported by Churchill. One was a success and one a dismal failure. Peter notes that Churchill of course got the blame for Gallipoli and was pilloried for years but others shared the responsibility, the PM Lloyd George, Secretary of War, Kitchener, Fisher, First Sea Lord, others on the General staff and in the cabinet. Peter notes
the fact that Gallipoli was bungled is true, but properly planned and resourced it could have succeeded, could it have knocked Turkey out and shortened the war.
Peter will discuss this further at our meeting tomorrow. 
Payment for breakfast is $22 into the nominated account below. 
BSB 036011
Account 427207
Please put surname in Description Box
Please ensure all apologies are submitted to the Secretary David Arrowsmith. 
April Birthdays & Club Anniversary Celebrations 
Name:                    Date: 
Peter Coombs          2 April 
Pat Emery               7 April 
Nathan Blockley      17 April 
Arthur Blaquiere     19 April 
Joined the Club: 
Name:                    Date:
Tony Pepper             18th April 2004 
During World Immunization Week, 24-30 April, join with Rotary to combat vaccine hesitancy and misinformation by spreading the facts about why #VaccinesWork.
With decades of experience fighting polio, Rotary plays a key role in informing people about the power and effectiveness of vaccines.
As COVID-19 vaccines become more available, Rotary members are using our experience in fighting polio to help communities with their vaccination education and organization efforts. And today, because we and our partners have worked so hard, wild poliovirus remains endemic in only two countries: Afghanistan and Pakistan.
But to eradicate it there and to prevent a resurgence in other parts of the world, we must continue to build trust in vaccines and raise funds for polio eradication, including vaccine delivery.
Do your part over the coming week to help raise awareness of polio eradication and the importance of vaccines during World Immunisation Week. Share our social media posts and start a conversation with your friends and family.  You can even direct them to the website to fin out how Rotary is trying to end polio.
Thursday 22 April 2021 
Host:             Alex Rorrison
Welcome:       Geoff Simpson
Toast:            John Tick
Thanks:         John van Vliet
Bulletin:        Geoff Woods 
Duty:            Nigel Blacklock
Thursday 29 April 2021
Host:             Geoff Simpson
Welcome:       John Tick
Toast:            John van Vliet
Thanks:         Geoff Woods 
Bulletin:        Nigel Blacklock 
Duty:            Arthur Blaquiere
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