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Weekly message from President Stephen Lee 
I was really inspired by our visit to Oxford Foyer this past week.  Nestled in between Leederville Oval and Leederville TAFE is an organisation with the capacity to accommodate up to 98 At Risk Youth, in a programme designed to offer accommodation, security, support, education and a pathway to a more stable future.  I was taken by the collaboration that has brought together such a facility and programme, and the enthusiasm of the staff and volunteers to serve.
As with most things, such commitment comes from a deep alignment with the mission of the organisation.  In this case, providing 16-23 year olds with a place to live, work, learn and thrive.  As Rotarians we operate with a similar clarity in our mission – Service Above Self.  Looking back at all the outstanding projects we as a club have delivered to our local and international communities it is easy to be inspired and as I look to what has been achieved at Foyer Oxford, I ask, is it time for us to look to what can be delivered through our expertise and collaborative efforts.
To paraphrase Mr Ford – It doesn’t matter if you think you can or you can’t, you’re right either way.  We have been presented with some great food for thought, perhaps it is time for our action.
Yours in Rotary Service,
President 2020-21
Eight members gathered for breakfast   
The FOYER - Oxford Site Visit Summary 

The Foyer offers housing solutions and social support for young people whilst promoting and facilitating job preparedness and life skills.
The organisation offers affordable modest apartment living- bachelor apartment style; in  a community orientated, safe, secure and supported environment.
Community activities are encourage and facilitated by the inclusion of a community garden, lounges and a community kitchen/workshop hub within the development. 

The organisation encourages young people to engage with their community and reward engagement efforts by offering active community members the opportunity to be ‘promoted to penthouse living’.
The organisation provides a variety of individual ‘support interventions’ for its inhabitants on an as required basis. WPRC can engage with and provide support for these young people in a number of ways. e.g learner drivers, job skills, life skills etc. The organisation create a ‘skills pool’ from interested volunteers, calling on these volunteers as and when individuals in  their community require ‘support interventions’.
Zoe, The Foyer’s Volunteer Community Support Co-Ordinator will facilitate an information session and workshop for the WPRC members to canvas our “interests and skills’ for inclusion into their “skills bank”.

Watch this space for the date and time of the workshop so you can participate and offer your support in developing strong connections with this worthwhile community initiative in support of our young people.
Extraordinary Lives – Christmas Present Appeal

Extraordinary Lives/Prison Fellowship offer prisoners an opportunity to ‘send’ personalised Christmas gifts to the particular prisoner’s child/children – the gift you provide will be from the parent prisoner.

The organisational and community initiative promotes the strengthening of family bonds between prisoners and their children
  • CALL TO ACTION: A volunteer/s is required to manage/coordinate this initiative
Club members, you have indicated your willingness to generously make a the kids of prisoners feel the love of Christmas by donating these Christmas gifts.
Each WPRC member participating in the initiative will be given an individual to buy a gift. 
The name, age, gender and interests of the gift recipient will be provided by Extraordinary Lives/Prison Fellowship
WPRC donor will buy an appropriate gift for the individual identified and address this as being from  ”Mom/Dad”
  • CALL TO ACTION: Members whom wish to participate in this initiative are to send their names through and the number of children they are willing to buy gifts by the 15 October 
Dr Catherine O'Connor D9800 End Polio Chair along with a number of Zone 8 and District Leaders in both Australia and New Zealand have launched the End Polio Campaign “Walk With Us”.
It’s a walk to happen throughout the month of October that invites Rotarians and the public in a walk to end polio. 
If you’re looking for ways to support the Sir Clem Renouf Appeal also, this walk is part of that. Donations are also recognised against an individuals and club giving to Polio by The Australian Rotary foundation Trust. 
Feel free to check out the website or email Catherine for more info. They have clubs registered from Waikiki and Mandurah and would love to celebrate more WA clubs joining. 
More about the walk hare:
Duties for the following two breakfast meetings: 
Thursday 8 October: 
Host:            Ian Hutton
Welcome:      Geoff Woods
Toast:           Guy Mattioli 
Thanks:        Mally Rall
Newsletter:   Geoff Simpson 
Duty:            Garry Leighton 
Thursday 15 October: 
Host:            Garry Leighton
Welcome:      Guy Mattioli
Toast:           Mally Rall
Thanks:        Geoff Simpson
Newsletter:   John Tick 
Duty:            Geoff Woods  
October Birthday Celebrations 
Wishing our members a very happy birthday for the following dates: 
Name:                    Birthday: 
Tony Delich             10 October 
Bernie Foley            15 October 
October Club Anniversaries 
Thanks for your continued support and congratulations on your Club anniversary for the month of September.
Name:                  Date Joined Rotary & West Perth:
David Arrowsmith   37 years as a Rotarian on 6th October 1983

BREAKFAST MEETING THURSDAY 8TH OCTOBER 2020  - Presentation from Marianne Testi from the Royal Flying Doctors Service  

Tomorrow morning will be a great opportunity to hear from Marianne about the history and future of the Royal Flying Doctors Service in WA. 
The RFDS in WA has been going for 92 years and throughout their history they have continued to innovate and thanks to advancements in technology and medical expertise, we are able to travel faster than ever before to reach more of our patients who need our care. 
Their key services include Aeromedical, Primary Health Clinics, Medical Chests and Telehealth services. But let me not include anymore here, come and join us to hear all about it. 
To make the Treasurers job easier, please remember to prepay your $22 breakfast via ETF before you arrive. 
Thanks to Tina Arthur  and the MERC Committee, MERC is still bubbling along well in the background. Above are a sample of personal medical equipment that was recently donated by Gray Gillam. These items will head off in a container to Tanzania in due course. 
Another great updated from MERC is that UWA Dental School are upgrading their dentist chairs with overhead lights/Xray machines and have offered us 64 chairs! 
I'm sure that you are all aware that October is Mental Health Month.

The past months have been extremely trying for everyone - we are very fortunate in the West not to have had extended periods of lockdowns.
Many Clubs have already organised "Hat Days", or other events to increase awareness of Mental Health issues, as well as to raise much needed funds for Mental Health Research, funded by Australian Rotary Health.

This wonderful support is very much appreciated as the research is so vital, and the results simply help save lives. Australian Rotary Health Western Region Director Jerry Pilcher is calling on members and Clubs to organise an event to support Australian Rotary Health during October. There is information below about a "Hat Day", or you could organise something different - it's up to you.
There are many ways that we can "Lift the Lid" on Mental Health challenges.
Australian Rotary Health is organising a "virtual" forum on Friday 16th October, to showcase what help is available for those is rural and remote communities. Information about this event has already been sent to members - either direct or through the Club Board of Directors. Everyone is welcome to "tune in"!!!
Here is a link to more info on Hat Day, the "lift the Lid" campaign which aims to raise awareness on mental illness. If you want to find out more follow the link here:
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