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Weekly message from President Stephen Lee 
As many of you would know, I am quite fortunate to have happened upon a young lady who (after some convincing) agreed a path together might not be a bad idea – in fact part of the convincing was to invite her to join Rotary, surely she should have known better!  Anyway, why is this important to you?  Well simply put, had I not met Sue, amongst many other things, I would never have known of the difference between an introvert and an extrovert.
Surely getting things done requires a strong well-articulated story, gregarious engagement, excitement…, however seemingly such an approach doesn’t float everyone’s boat.  I have learnt (generally as I hop into bed intent on reading my book – or sleeping…!) that it is often in the quiet and in the presence of the smallest voice where real insight can be found.  In these days of second to second “news” and social media we can get caught in judging a good outcome around how many smiles, likes, cheers, thumbs up we get, whereas many of the greatest outcomes pass with little fanfare, merely lifting the bar and establishing what becomes the new minimum expectation.
What moves us forward then is our ability to recognise the quiet and considered alongside the loud and enthusiastic, both providing a voice to our direction and outcomes.  A lot of work continues within the club along these lines.  Dialogue amongst members around our projects and activities, listening, refining, contributing to ultimately deliver to our goals.
Time for us to Fly??
Yours in Rotary Service,
President 2020-21
Breakfast overview Thursday 15 October 2020
Apologies: Neville Clare, Tony Delich, Sandy Gray, Geoff Hick, Guy Mattioli, Steve Wilton
Key Announcement
  • PDG and PP Geoff Simpson announced that he was asking for Club Sponsors for a 53 railway station trip that he is to undertake with others to raise funds for Polio Plus. Every dollar raised is to be met with $2 from the Gates Foundation. The request was met with the usual unbridled enthusiasm!!!
Re-Induction of our previous member Solomon from Congo
Solomon Mbusa was re-inducted to the club by DG Jon Bilson. It is wonderful to have Solomon back at the club and we look forward to lots of fellowship with Solomon and his family in the future.  
Sergeants Session
  • Sergeant John conducted the sergeant’s session with his usual aplomb. Fining four people for being late or attempting not to be the last was unusual. Perhaps the most lucrative fines were those for all members for spurious reasons that remained unchallenged because of a collective fear of further charges.
Presentation by District Governor John Bilson
District Governor Jon was introduced by President Stephen Lee. DG John spoke briefly about himself as an introduction. He is an Industrial/Business Psychologist by profession and a committed husband, father and family man.
Jon’s presentation was quite affable and delivered with enthusiasm and commitment.
Jon spoke of the intention to have districts 9455 and 9456 work more closely together in the future.
We were informed that ROTORACTORS were now considered as Rotarians and that we need to make that work as a way of recruiting more Rotarians. This was particularly relevant when he advised that the average age of Rotarians was about 74!!!!
The process of renewal in Rotary clubs is ongoing and is to be led by the ”Powerhouse” clubs of our district. “…. We will need energetic leadership and the challenge will be to find your successors and bring in younger members to build the next generation..”
Jon also questioned “…. how a young professionals group based in the heart of West Perth and sponsored by our club might feature in your future plans..”.
Jon asked some quiz questions to test our knowledge and no doubt trigger so introspective thought.
Some of the questions represented here were:
1. Who was the founder of Rotary?
2. What is our club’s highest profile project?
3. What are the most important values that new members joining our club must have?
4. What make our club unique?
5. How do you describe the culture of our club to others?
6. As a club/Rotarians what have we learned from the Covid 19 restrictions?
7. How can our club help make Rotary great again?
It was wonderful to see that so many of our club members are on the strategic journey together and that most support our goals and direction for 2020 and beyond. Responses to the survey can be found here:
At the conclusion of Jon’s presentation Mally delivered the vote of thanks.
For World Polio Day Geoff Simpson and other Rotarians and friends from our district will be Riding the Train, taking in all 53 metropolitan stations and raising funds for this cause which sits at the core of Rotary Internationals humanitarian efforts across the globe.
Originating from a 3H Grant (established by our very own World President Sir Clem Renouf) the programme evolved into a global mobilisation to rid the world of the scourge of polio.  Our success has been outstanding and polio free countries are a reality today because of this global effort.  Alas, we cannot claim to be free of polio from this planet until all cases are zero  and until we reach this point, our efforts shall continue.
All funds raised shall be donated directly to the Rotary's End Polio Now campaign.  The kicker is for every $1.00 raised by Rotarians, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation shall match it with $2.00 - so $1.00 becomes $3.00!
Geoff will have to work for the funds as the full tour will take 6 hours! Their tally currently stands at $430 and we would love to  see them reach $1000. 
Should you be comfortable supporting Geoff in his efforts, please make a transfer into the club fund raising account including your surname and POLIO as the descriptor.
BSB 036011
Account 465211   - please put surname & POLIO in Description Box
REMEMBER Saturday 24th October we join all other Rotarians in celebrating END POLIO NOW DAY. If you wish to purchase a t-shirt to raise awareness, do so by clicking the button below. 
Duties for the following two breakfast meetings: 
Thursday 22 October: 
Host:            Guy Mattioli
Welcome:      Hayley Lethlean 
Toast:           Jill Smith 
Thanks:        Geoff Woods 
Newsletter:   Hayley Lethlean 
Thursday 29 October: 
Welcome:      Mally Rall
Toast:           John Tick
Newsletter:   Geoff Woods 
October Birthday Celebrations 
Wishing our members a very happy birthday for the following dates: 
Name:                    Birthday: 
Tony Delich             10 October 
Bernie Foley            15 October 
October Club Anniversaries 
Thanks for your continued support and congratulations on your Club anniversary for the month of September.
Name:                  Date Joined Rotary & West Perth:
David Arrowsmith   37 years as a Rotarian on 6th October 1983


Deputy Commissioner Operations Craig Waters has over 25 years' experience with emergency services, joining the fire service in 1993, where he graduated as Dux of recruit firefighter school 39 in 1993. 

He is responsible for all operational matters across DFES including firefighting, natural hazards, marine services, aviation, special operations and state operations.

Deputy Commissioner Waters is a certified Level 3 lncident Controller, and has overseen many complex, large scale emergencies spanning from major structure fires, cyclones and numerous bushfires including Parkerville, Bullsbrook, Northcliffe, Esperance and Waroona.

He was promoted to the rank of District Officer in 2010, and managed DFES's Fire
lnvestigation and Analysis Unit, where he holds a Graduate Certificate and Diploma in Fire lnvestigation. ln 2006, Craig spent 12 months working at the WA Police Counter Terrorism Coordination unit to assist with a major National lnvestigation and Consequence Management exercise.

Craig was promoted to Superintendent in 2013 and Chief Superintendent in 2016,
undertaking roles within Metropolitan and Country operations and at the WA Fire
and Emergency Services Academy. 

Craig's most recent role was Assistant Commissioner Operations Capability where he managed Air Operations, Marine Services, State Operations and
Special Operations.
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Meeting ID: 252 587 9631
Passcode: WPRC1954

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Christmas is coming 🌲 which means it's time for us help make Christmas a special time for those kids who have a parent in prison. Thanks for participating in our Club activity in supporting families at risk. Please register your interest in providing a gift to boys and girls. Following the link below:
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