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A message from President Stephen Lee

Man I have a giggle every time I look at this picture.  It says many things I suppose, depending upon your point of view. It ultimately speaks to perspective.  One side challenging what is normal and the other in some way protecting it – I’m sure you can hazard a guess as to which category I fall into!!!.  The funny thing is without both perspectives there is no understanding of what normal might be, no context, no foundation.  For each of us throughout our existence our perspective on what is normal is constantly changing.  We are invited to interact with the world around us mindful that there is opportunity for insight in every encounter.
This week we are privileged to host Rotarians from Nedlands and Western Endeavour.  The part of Rotary to which I most greatly connect is our common purpose.  1.2M people across the globe choosing to come together for many different reasons, but at the core wishing to contribute to making the world a better place.  Our meeting this week is our chance to engage with other Rotarians, share their journey and together challenge just what might be normal bird behaviour…….
Yours in Rotary Service,
What's noteworthy  - Breakfast meeting 13th August 2020 
Attendees present: 23 Members
Zoom Attendees: 2 -  Steve Wilton 
Guests: Solomon Mbunsa, Nelson Tapineng
Apologies: Tony Pepper, Geoff Hick, Sandy Gray
Club Announcements: 
  • Stephen shared with us that the speech he included in the previous newsletter was by Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Stephen reminded us about our annual goals and to ensure we all keep them front of mind. 
  • Stephen made the suggestion for a trial of our meeting time to be brought forward 10 minutes to start at 7:20am. This will enable more time for speaker questioning and to send more time on Rotary Club business.  This will be trialled from September. 
  • Stephen requested Bernie to take on investigating the STEM students for the Conoco Philips Science Experience. 
  • We welcomed a visitor in Nelson Tapineng from Telefomin in West Sepik, PNG. Nelson was here on a study visa with his wife who is a recipient of an Australian Masters Scholarship at UWA. Nelson loved the opportunity to meet our members and enjoy the breakfast fellowship.  
The late tax this week went to Solomon and the virtual wine tax to Pat Emery. Arrivals for this week were Elizabeth and Garry. And lucky Tony Delich got a fine for the great suit he was wearing. Other fines went to those from the Western Suburb, those who studied Latin at school, everyone who was at a table with a white table cloth and all the ladies in the room. 
Two minutes with Geoff Woods 
In his two minutes challenge (which by the way Geoff miraculously did in one minute) Geoff gave us a short overview of his tree planting efforts on his hobby farm at Popanyinning. Geoffs farm is 50kms north of Narrogin and annually they plant approximately 250 trees. 
Geoff noted that in the past gums were planted, however they have swapped to oaks given their greater salinity resistance and ability to grow in the cold climate. 
After some research into what other Clubs do, Ian Hutton gave us a short presentation on the opportunities for more promotion of the Club by the erection of some road signs. Ian proposed that we erect about 3 or 4 signs around the local area, and also on the fence of the Lederville Sporting Club. It was also suggested to make the sign double-sided and as proposed by Geoff Woods that we as the Club erect them ourselves following council approval. 
Please support our Club in purchasing the Entertainment Book. A longstanding fundraiser of the Club, we really want to try beat last years tally of books sold. 
The Entertainment Book is packed with thousands of incredible savings on dining, activities, travel and shopping.
Just click on the image above and it will take you directly to our Club link for purchase.
Every book sold, our Club receives $24, so buy away!!!!! 
An awesome fundraiser for us to reach that $30,000 target. 
Huge congratulations to Nathan and his mates for completing their marathon. They finished their fundraising tally on $5,700 which has blown them away given their originally thought that raising $1,000 would be achievable.. Such an awesome initiative. We are all so proud of you Nathan. 
As most would aware, their fundraising efforts are going towards Australian Rotary Health. If you are interested, here is a great article about the history of ARH.  
Breakfast Meeting Thursday 20 August 2020 - joint meeting with Western Endevour and Nedlands Rotary Clubs 
We are super excited this week to be joined by tow other Rotary Club in Western Endevour and Nedlands for our breakfast meeting. Not only can we enjoy the fellowship of both theses clubs, we will also get to hear a little about their projects, their challenges and their opportunities. 
Please do not forget to pre-pay $22 for breakfast or $6 for a ZOOM  Meeting to our Club Account:
BSB 036011
Account 427207   - please put surname in Description Box
Duties Roster 
Duties for the following two breakfast meetings: 
Thursday 20th August
Host:             Patrick Emery
Welcome:       Bernie Foley
Toast:            Elizabeth Gorey
Thanks:         Tony Delich 
Newsletter:    Sandy Gray 
Duty:             Neville Clare
Thursday 27th August
Host:            Bernie Foley
Welcome:      Byron Kakulas
Toast:           Elizabeth Gorey
Thanks:         Tony Delich
Newsletter:    Ian Hutton 
Duty:            Neville Clare 
The SwapMeet signs.... where do they go? 
For Rotarians who are assigned to open the Swapmeet on Sunday you must place all our pointer signs in the locations marked on this plan.
The plan is displayed on the gate in which the signs are housed in the shopping centre car park. Buyers need to be directed or prompted from all adjoining streets, so please place these out irrespective of weather conditions.
Also the closing team must pick up all signs.
Thank You
Happy birthday to two of our loyal SwapMeet stallholders, Margaret and Gail who both share the same birth date on the 21st August 1951
Last week these very funky socks were spotted at our Rotary meeting.
Can you identify who they belong to? 
Click the link below to register for the Zone 8 Virtual Conference which is taking place on the 19th and 20th September from 11:30am to 1pm daily. 
We recently heard from District Secretary Dave Taylor about two scams in the district. 
In the first scam, emails appear to be coming from the President of Perth Rotary asking various members to purchase google gift cards and forward them. They are SCAMS. Please ignore. They look authentic but on closer examination the email address of the Perth President is incorrect.
A second email scam appears to be coming from the DG Jon Bilson asking members to pay bills. Again, on closer examination, the emanating email address does not belong to Jon. It too is a SCAM so be sure to ignore them! 
Please add to your safe sender list or address book.
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