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Message from President Stephen Lee 
Just a simple note this week as I am sure we are all full with activity as we wind down for Christmas (funny how frantic the action of “winding down” can be).  Yet it is our annual ritual and I for one am appreciative of the fact that at least sometime in the year is dedicated to reflecting, recharging and resetting.
The second quarter of the Rotary year has been just as packed with progress and outcomes as the first quarter with Mr Simpson’s epic Ride the Train effort for polio, Vocational visits to Foyer and the Men’s Shed, our successful sponsorship of a student for the National Youth Science Forum (with a huge congratulations to the team who have managed to completely reconfigure this programme to allow it to proceed in the face of COVID uncertainties), we’ve sponsored a student to RYLA and supported a place for an attendee at Camp Opportunity, all from whom we will hear in the coming months.  In addition we have achieve significant traction in the Community Wellness area with our hugely successful Angel Tree project and the sponsorship of Monday Brunch at PICYS, a relationship which no doubt will continue to grow.
December is Foundation Month, with a focus on giving to our Rotary Foundation and the club, on behalf of our members, has made donations to Australian Rotary Health Research Fund ($50/member) and to the Rotary Foundation ($100/member), along with our annual contribution to the End Polio Now Campaign ($1000) for our Guest Speaker programme.  Following the success of the annual magic show - which continues to amaze after almost 30 years and our takings from the weekly swapmeet, we maintain a strong base from which we can facilitate our service endeavours.
All these things happen because we each choose to put our hand up and contribute our time and expertise where and when we can. In a society where there is always need, I am proud to share my time with a group of people, Rotarians, committed to positive social outcomes and look forward to all 2021 and beyond will bring.
Yours in Rotary Service,
President 2020-21
Esteemed President Stephen Lee leading the Carolling on Saturday evening at the Lee's Christmas event. 
Breakfast Meeting Overview  - Thursday 10th December 2020
Attendees: 21 in attendance (66% quorum)
Apologies: Sandy Gray, John Tick, Steve Wilton, Solomon Mbunsa
  • December is Foundation month - donate to the foundation will contribute to Paul Harris Fellowship - any questions on donations to the Trust can be directed to Geoff woods
  • Jim Hunt has proposed joint zoom meeting with guest speaker RI director Stephanie Urchick on Tuesday 9 March at 8am. This will be in addition to weekly meeting from your desktop at home
  • The District AGM is taking place with David representing our Club 
  • The Christmas meeting next week attendance will be tracked with numbers required by Monday - notify extra attendees - partners and children welcome
  • All Abilities Play Space breakfast on Thursday 7th January - this will be a BBQ breakfast and Hayley will be seeking volunteers to help coordinate. 
  • Tony Delich - great week at SwapMeet $400.25 made
  • This Saturday magic show at HBF - details shared of volunteers. Video accessible after event - let there be fun 🤩
  • Thanks to all for gifts - hampers for each family - any donations welcomed $150 more than anticipated - collection of gifts
  • PICYS have a Christmas function in December and are seeking take away gifts of biscuits - need 180 biscuits - 4 Vollies to help do baking. Also want a potato salad, coleslaw, fruit platter - get in touch with Mally if you want to help at her @finance address
  • Thanks to Elizabeth and Mally for making up gifts
  • Stephen for his suit 
  • Tim for his casual outfit
  • Late - Mally -saved the day
  • Birthday - Nigel
  • Guy wedding anniversary 29 years
  • Arthur - 48 years anniversary
  • Geoff Hick & Hayley for Club anniversaries 
  • Wrong dollars at SwapMeet - Geoff Woods
  • WA Safe APP download Garry - for his Chinese phone 
AGM Outcome:
The following positions are confirmed for the 2021/2022 Board:
  • President: Hayley Lethlean
  • Immediate Past President: Stephen Lee
  • Secretary: David Arrowsmith
  • Treasurer: Dennis Hartley
  • Ongoing Rotary Projects: Elizabeth Gorey
  • Community Engagement Project: Angus Buchanan
  • Community Wellness: Elizabeth Gorey 
  • Other positions TBS over the coming months 
Two minutes with Garry Leighton 
Garry provided the most interesting of talks, sharing with us his experience of visiting this marvellous "bucket list" destination in Russia.
The Mamayev Kurgan is a dominant statue overlooking the city of Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad in Southern Russia. The formation is dominated by a memorial complex commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad (August 1942 to February 1943).
The battle, a hard-fought Soviet victory over Axis forces on the Eastern Front of World War II, turned into one of the bloodiest battles in human history - more than 1.2M casualties with over 700,000 soldiers killed on the battle of the hill.
At the time of its installation in 1967 the statue, named The Motherland Calls, formed the largest free-standing sculpture in the world; today it is the tallest sculpture of a woman in the world - a 280 foot concrete statue of a lady holding a stainless steel sword. The statue is at the top of 200 steps, representing the 200 days of the Stalingrad battle. 
A PERFECT GIFT FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY -  and a gift that gives to our Club too! 
Your purchase of an Entertainment Membership contributes to supporting local charities like our Club. So if you're stuck on a gift for a loved one, get them an Entertainment Book membership for Christmas. 
The Entertainment Book membership is no longer valid from July to June each year - if you buy a membership they last 12 months or 2 years from the date of purchase.
And all memberships are now digital so at the press of a button you can enjoy access to superb deals at hundreds of restaurants and businesses across Perth.
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ONLY 9 DAY BEFORE EARLY BIRD FEE FINISHES - Joint District Conference 2021 

As you are all aware, the District Conference in March will be the first joint District (meaning our first Rotary WA) Conference in a decade.

With 100 years of Rotary in Australia to celebrate, we have selected the perfect venue for such a big celebration - Optus Stadium.

The will be ideal to get over 500 Rotarians, along with family and friends to experience what will be a very memorable, not to be missed weekend.

Get your tickets before the Early Bird ends on Christmas Eve

Christmas Breakfast Meeting Thursday 17th December 2020  
Join us for breakfast for our final meting for 2020 to enjoy the Christmas festivities and Club fellowship. 
Zoom Meeting Details
Meeting ID: 252 587 9631
Passcode: WPRC1954
Any apologies, please confirm to David Arrowsmith -
Please read attached a letter of thanks and appreciation from Jerry Pilcher on behalf of the Australian Rotary Health Foundation. 
It is heart warming knowing that in the last 20 years our Club has contributed over $65,000 towards this fund. 
See the letter HERE
Pease accept this as formal notification to all Members that we have received a membership application from Alex Rorrison.
Alex originally joined the Rotary Club of West Perth in 1978 at a time when he was operating a very successful legal practice in West Perth originally operating from premises in Hay St then in Ord street next to the Ord  Street café ( now Black Toms). President of the club in 1984 - 85 and very active in many of the clubs projects during the period 1978- 96. 
Alex moved to the Kimberley‘s in 1996 where he became an advisor to many of the indigenous communities. Two years later he returned to Yallingup where he joined the Rotary club of Dunsborough during the period 1998 -2000.
Alex is married to Marie with four adult married children and seven grandchildren. His daughter Becky was an outbound exchange student to Austria in 1989. Both Alex and Marie are Paul Harris fellow’s.

We look forward to welcoming Alex And Marie back into the club and hearing many of the tales they have to tell of their experiences over the past 20 years.
Should you have any queries or concerns regarding this membership application, please direct these to the Secretary prior to Thursday 31 December 2020. 
December Birthdays & Club Anniversary Celebrations 
Name:                    Birthday: 
Nigel Blacklock         11 December
Geoff Hick                29 December 
Joined the Club: 
Name:                    Date:
Tony Delich             1 December 1989
Geoff Hick               1 December 1978
Hayley Lethlean       17 December 2015
Thursday 17 December - Christmas Meeting  
Host:           President Stephen Lee 
Welcome:     Tim Dawe 
Toast:          Tony Delich
Thanks:        Pat Emery  
Bulletin:       Bernie Foley  
Duty:           Elizabeth Gorey  
A massive big THANK YOU to all those Members who contributed towards the Angel Tree Project this Christmas. We received gifts for 39 children and hampers for 21 families.
It's heart-warming knowing that on Christmas Day, 39 children will open a present from their father, mother or grandparent who is not there.
If it weren’t for Angel Tree, and the contributions of our Club, these children would miss out on a gift from their missing relative.  
So thank you to each of you for spreading Christmas cheer. 
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