MERC is a sub-committee of the West Perth Rotary Club that collects and transports superseded medical equipment in good working order for use in developing countries, diverting these away from landfill. We help supply health clinics and hospitals predominately based in Asia/Pacific and Africa which provide health care to some of the poorest people in world.

To date, West Perth Rotary has invested over $60,000 into the program since it’s beginning in 2008 and many thousands of volunteer hours.

 Key achievements

       Shipped equipment and supplies to over 20 countries in Africa and Asia/Pacific

       Over 600 hospital beds (manual and electric) have been donated abroad through the program since 2008

       Many tonnes of medical equipment diverted away from landfill.


Who have we helped?

Since commencing in 2008, we have been able to help people in many parts of Africa and Asia/Pacific with shipments to over 20 countries. MERC often partners with other charities in Perth to provide supplies which are then on-forwarded to the recipients. In some cases, MERC and West Perth Rotary oversees the packing, shipping and discharge of shipments abroad.


Collection Program

MERC continues to build relationships within the WA Government Health Services and Private Health Services sector to ensure a continued supply of medical equipment and consumables. We are also open to personal donations of medical equipment from private clinics. Our storage facility is located at Royal Perth Hospital and we also have off-site storage.

Items collected

Due to the high cost of international transport, we are looking for substantial medical equipment in good working order for example ultra-sound machines, mammography machines, CT scanner, MRI machine, ventilators, autoclave, operating theater lights, blood pressure machines, thermometers, nebulisers and suction equipment.

We do not accept medicines of any nature due to the difficulties arising from dealing with prescription-only medication internationally.

We do not accept expired products of any nature since no country will accept these through customs. Medical consumables of value must be at least 12 months before expiry date.

Can I volunteer or get involved?

At MERC, we always welcome people who are interested to join the program and help us source, sort, package, collect, transport and distribute medical supplies. We also welcome anyone with a medical/nursing background to participate in the program.

Note: we are currently working on overseas projects which will require all our available donated equipment till 2022.

 In Western Australia, please contact MERC co-ordinator Tina on

Otherwise contact Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS)   Website: