Construction at the All Abilities Playspace

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We are becoming very excited as the "All-abilities Play Space" rapidly takes shape.  Artists, designers, landscapers, engineers, planners, earth-movers, builders and project managers have all had something to add to this unique space. Children, too, were consulted about their needs and wants for a play space where families and children with different needs could play alongside each other, and are eagerly waiting for the opening early in April 2018.

The Rotary Clubs of Nedlands, Subiaco and West Perth are collaborating to find the funding for the All Abilities Play Space, set on the beautiful Swan River at Beaton Park. This unique playground is the work of renowned landscape architect and play space designer Fiona Robbé, to provide special activities for people of all ages and abilities. Children, their families and carers will be able to enjoy an environment where their special needs and interests have been reflected in the design as will older people who will benefit from gentle exercise. It is a place where extended families can play together and enjoy the peaceful location by the river.


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